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World Geography

Learn different places in the world and all about them

At this place, a group of Greek city-state alliances fought with the persian empire led by King Xerxes during the Second Persian invasion of Greece. What is the name of the place whose name derives from "hot gates". Thermopylae
In which city was the famous trial of the Major War Criminals before the International Military Tribunal (IMT), which tried 22 of the most important captured leaders of Nazi Germany held? Nuremburg
This city contains a Underground City-a series of complexes around downtown. Because of the underground city in this city, it is often known as "two cities in one." What is the name of this 2nd largest city of Canada that hosted the 1976 Summer Olympics? Montreal
In 1919, the country became fully independent from United Kingdom. However, since late 1970s to now, the country has been in turmoil and in constant civil war. Name this country that is known for hosting the Taliban government whose capital is Kabul. Afghanistan
In this city civilization was born and democracy first recognized. This magical city is well known for hosting the first modern Summer Olympics in 1876 and being the capital of Greece? Athens
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