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ASFL academic team s

round 2- all answers begin with s

largest lake in North America Superior
author of dr.jekyll and mr.hyde robert l. stevenson
term applied to white southerners who collaborated with carpetbaggers after the civil war scalawags
the capital of Sweden Stockholm
woods traditionally considered to be home of robin hood Sherwood forest
country which is home to the loch ness monster Scotland
the right to vote suffrage
Damascus is the capital of this country syria
highest female singing voice soprano
hunting expedition, especially in Africa safari
mythalogical river circling Hades styx
person who takes the blame for others scapegoat
common name for the detective branch of the London police force Scotland Yard
chemical name for table salt, NaCl sodium chloride
the largest organ in the human body skin
annual award for the best team in the National Hockey League Stanley Cup
Broad-brimmed Spanish hat sombrero
term for any substance that dissolves in other substances solvent
term which refers to the ratio of the vertical change to the horizontal change between two points plotted on a line slope
king of Israel who built the first temple and was noted for his wisdom Solomon
Created by: lemeshadow