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ASFL Academic Team D

All answers start with the letter D

Site of the most famous oracle to Apollo located on Mt. Parnassus Delphi
U.S. state whose nicknames is the "first state" delaware
Init of measure used to compare sound intensities decibals
Wild dog of austraila dingo
index for measuring the average stock share price and percentage change of the 30 major u.s.industrial compainies dow
solid carbon dioxide used as a refrigerant dry ice
to retrieve a file from a bulletin board using a modem download
french author of the " three musketeers" Alexandre Dumas
Adopted name for the influential u.s. singer/songwriter robert Zimmerman Bob Dylan diease name for the misinterpretation of written information, letter reversing etc
standard classification and retrieval system used in libraries Dewey decimal system
The 1987 novel written by bryan stoker about a count who drinks the blood of beautiful women Dracula
Religion of the celtic peoples of the pre-christian british Isles Druidry
Record of the survey of england carried out in 1086 by officials of william the conqueror to asses the value of the crowns lands Doomsday
In computing, a list of a file names with information that enables a computer to retrieve those files directory
Legal dissolution of a lawful marriage divorce
A disease in the pancreas which prevents the body from producing insulin diabetes
English novelist, writer of "Oliver twist' Dickens
Internal combustion engine that burns lightweight fuel oil Diesel
Roman goddes of charisty, hunting and the moon -daughter of Jupiter Diana
Personal informal record of day-to-day events, observations, and/or reflections diary
Created by: lemeshadow