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ASFL A.T. History

American History

First permanent Spanish settlement founded in Florida St. Augustine
He purchased Manhattan from the Indians Peter Minuit
Massachusetts town which executed 20 people for witchcraft in 1692 Salem
Location of the First General Assembly in the New World Jamestown
1840's slogan that referred to the Oregon Territory 54-40 or Fight
Mail service system used in the 1850's Pony Express
Federal army commander during the Civil War Battle of Kennesaw William T. Sherman
Name of the battle fought between the Monitor and the Merrimac Hampton Roads
Mexican general whose forces captured the Alamo Santa Anna
Civil War battlefield where D.R. Millers cornfield is located Antietam or Sharpsburg
First U.S. territory to grant suffrage to women Wyoming
Nickname of the 1912 political party headed by Theodore Roosevelt Bull Moose
World War I commanding general of the U.S. forces in France John J. Pershing
1935 congressional Act that provided unemployment insurance for individuals who lost their jobs Social Security
Japaneses word that means "divine wind" Kamikaze
Scientist placed in charge of the development of the atomic bomb Robert Oppenheimer
Incident that led to Nixon's resignation from the Presidency Watergate
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