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ASFL Academic Team I

all answers begin with the letter l

pianist whowas a flamboyant dresser and used a candelabra; Liberace
general who led the Conferderate Army Lee (Robert E.}
Oledest member of the Beatles Lennon (John)
comic partner of Dean Martian Lewis (jerry)
the Sun King ond his number Louis XIV
German leader of the Pretestant Reformation Luther (martin)
Author whp created the fantasy world narnia Lewis (C.S)
Henry Stanley's goal in Central Africa Livingston
The president who delivered the Gettysburg Address Lincoln
Superman's girlfriend's last name Lane
the longest reigning world heavyweight boxing champion Louis (Joe)
Shakespeareab character who plans to divide his kingdom among his 3 daughters Lear
Country of north Israel Lebanon
Englidh seaport on the Mersey River Liverpool
A Hawiian floral garland Lei
British passenger liner sunk by Germany's submarine on Mat 1, 1915 Luistania
name of the German Air force of World War II Luftwaffe
Molten material from a volcano Lava
Gulliver's land of the tiny people Lilliput
Country whose flag is solid green Libya
Created by: lemeshadow