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NESA-IM1-Sinusitis +

NESA-IM1-Sinusitis & Nasal Congestion

What are 4 E+Ps for Sinusitis + Nasal Congestion? 1. External pathogens: enter LU -> obstruct LU qi, block orifices 2. Excessive emotions: LV qi stag -> disrupts LU qi circulation / generates heat / weakens SP 3. Improper diet: heat-damp weakens SP 4. LU, SP, KD deficiency:
General tx principles for EXC patterns of sinusitis and nasal congestion? 1. Disperse evil qi 2. Regulate LU qi 3. Open nasal orifice
General tx principles for DEF patterns of sinusitis and nasal congestion? 1. Tonify LU 2. SP + KD 3. Transform phlegm 4. Open nasal orifice
Formula for S+NC <- Wind-cold invasion? Xin Yi San (Magnolia Flower Powder)
Formulas for ...Wind-heat invasion? Cang Er Zi San (Xanthium Powder) PLUS Sang Ju Yin (Mulberry Leaf and Chrysanthemum Decoction)
Formula for ...Phlegm-heat accumulation? Dan Xi Bi Yuan Fang (Dan Xi's Nasal Congestion Formula)
Formulas for ...LU Qi Deficiency? Wen Fei Zhi Liu Dan (Warm the LU, Stop the Flow Special Pill) PLUS Huang Qi & Bai Zhu (tonify LU + SP/mother qi)
Common ingredients to open nasal passages? 1. Cang Er Zi 2. Xin Yi Hua 3. E Bu Shi Cao 4. Shi Cang Pu
Common ingredients to relieve H/A? 1. Chuan Xiong 2. Bai Zhi 3. Gao Ben 3. Mai Jing Zi 4. Xi Xin 5. Ju Hua
What formula for ssx nasal discharge white, watery, v thin, can have post-nasal drip, head v tight, H/A, cheek ache, total loss of smell, mild EXT w-c sx; t= thin white coat, p= floating, tight? Xin Yi San
What formulas for ssx thicker/sticky yellow/green nasal discharge, can be hard to get out, H/A-whole head, mucous membranes more fresh red, sore/scratchy throat, cough w/yellow phlegm; t= yellow coat, maybe red dots on tips/edge p=floating, rapid? Cang Er Zi San PLUS Sang Ju Yin
What formula for ssx copious, sticky discharge that's yellow, green or v deep yellow, membranes red + very swollen, lot of tension in head/scalp, very stuffy, v foggy mind; t=red with yellow/greasy coat, swollen, p=slippery, rapid or soft & moderate? Dan Xi Bi Yuan Fang
What formulas for ssx low lvl chronic H/A, if patient gets a cold, easily gets nasal congestion, v. pale, SOB, low voice, face puffy; t= very pale, thin white coat, p=v weak? Wen Fei Zhi Liu Dan PLUS Huang Qi & Bai Zhu
Created by: brighteyedster