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Lesson 1 vocab

abate to become weaker;to decrease
acknowledge to admit existence of;to express recognition or thanks for
acknowledged commonly acceptd or recognized
agent a person who acts or does business for another;something that brings about a new result
authority the right to give orders, make decisions, or take action
authority an expert source of information
authorities a group of people who have the right to enforce laws
devastate to ruin or destroy completely
devastating cause destruction
devastation great destruction
epidemic the rapid spreading of a disease to many people at one time;spreading rapidly as a disease over a wide area
estimate a number that is not exact;a careful guess;to figure out roughly;to make an apporiate calculation
evict to force out of property by taking legal action
impartial not favoring one side more than another;fair
infuriate to make very angry
irrelevant having nothing to do with the subject
precise exact;accurate
sham something fake or false;to pretend
trek a long, slow, and difficult journey;to travel slowly and with difficulty
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