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MACC Body Fluids

What is an Efffusion? An accumulation of fluid in a body cavity
What samples are cytotocentrifuged? Used with sample that have low cell counts - body fluids
What crystals can be identified by compensated polarized microscopy? Monosodium urates (uric acid)and calcium pyrophosphate
What crystals in synovial fluid have birefringence? Monosodium urates (uric acid)and calcium pyrophosphate
What is the function of cerebrospinal fluid? Protection of the brain and spinal cord, lubrication, nutrient and metabolic waste exchange fluid
What are mesothelial cells? Epithelial cells that originate from the mesoderm line that line the area the CSF flow.
What is the procedure to obtain spinal fluid? Lumbar Puncture
If there there three tube collected for a CSF analysis, which tubes should be given to what departments? #1 - Chemistry #2 - Microbiology #3 - Hematology
What should normal CSF look like? Clear and colorless
What is Pleocytosis? This is the term given to an increased amount of WBC's in a body fluid
After collection, how soon should a CSF be tested? It should be tested as soon as possible
If the spinal fluid has a clot, what is this a sign of? Traumatic tap
What is xanthochromic? When the CSF is yellow
If the first CSF tube has more red cells than the last tube, what is assumed about this spinal fluid? That the collection was a traumatic tap and the red cells are not in the spinal fluid of the patient
If as CSF is collected within the first four hours of a subarachnoid hemorrhage, what color will the CSF be? The CSF will appear to be a pale pink to red, depending on the degree of hemorrhage
What blood cell line are macrophages related to? Monocytes
What conditions would cause a low CSF protein? Conditions were there is a leakage of CSF
If a CSF has a high protein and a low glucose, what diagnosis is suspected? Bacterial Meningitis
What effusion is due to various systemic disorders that disrupt fluid filtration and/or fluid absorption such as congestive heart disease? Transudate
What effusion occurs during an inflammatory processes that results in damage to blood vessel walls, body cavity membrane damage, or decreased reabsorption by the lymphatic system? Exudate
Where is the Pericardial fluid from? This fluid is from around the heart
What is collected during a thoracentesis? Pleural fluid is collected
What does normal pleural fluid look like? Pale yellow and clear
What is ascites Peritoneal fluid
How soon after collection should sperm analysis be started? one hour after collection
What preparation should the patient make before sperm analysis? Sperm should be collected after 48 to 72 hours of abstinence from sexual activity
What are some common tests preformed on sperm? Color, Appearance, Volume, Viscosity, Concentration, Motility, Morphology and pH
How soon after a vasectomy should testing for sperm start? How long do they continue? Specimens are routinely tested starting 2 months post-vasectomy and continuing until two consecutive monthly specimens show no sperm
When testing for sperm in a post vasectomy patient, how should you look at the sample? Examine the sperm directly and concentrated (centrifuged)
What are the parts of a sperm cell? Head, neck, acrosome and tail
What disease is the fecal occult blood test a screen for? Colorectal cancer
What patient preparations should be done before using the Guaiac-based fecal blood testing? Abstain from interfering substances - meat, aspirin, anticoagulants, etc
What patient preparations should be done before using the Immunochemical-based occult blood testing? None
What test is considered the best test for fetal lung maturity on ammiotic fluid Lecithin:sphingomyelin ratio - L/S ratio
What are lamellar bodies? They are storage forms of lung phospholipids from the fetus
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