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Fine Arts Exam 2

What eras does the Midevil Period include? Dark Ages,Romanesque, High Gothic, Late Gothic,
Romanesque cathedral ST.SERNIN characteristics: Large structures rounded arches layout of a cross
What was the early Middle Ages music like? Gregorian Chant, Sacred.
What is a Gregorian Chant? A sacred piece of music, with NO instruments, and monophonic. Only men sang, LATIN, and written by monks. (?)
What is a polyphonic Gregorian Chant? NOT a Gregorian Chant. It is an ORGANUM
Syllabic One syllable, different pitch on each.
Mellismatic multiple pitches on one syllable.
Minstrel Person who played SECULAR music, with instruments. Vernacular language.
Gothic Architecture has ____ arches. Pointed.
Romanesque Architecture has ____ arches. Rounded
Gothic churches have: pointed arches stained glass cross layout ornamentation++ buttresses rose window
Rose Window Large circular window in center of Gothic churches
Buttresses architectural support beam exposed for decoration.
Notre Dame cathedral (Paris) Gothic Style. Pointed Arches stained glass windows buttresses rose window
Midevil Music (Gothic) Genre 1 & 2: Gregorian chant Organum (Both Latin, & Sacred) (difference is poly/monophonic)
Diplum 2 voices
Triplum 3 voices
cantus firmus fixed melody
parallel motion tenor & fixed melody running parallel, but diff. pitches
contrary motion tenor reverse of fixed
oblique motion tenor constant & fixed melody goes
SECULAR Gothic Music Some instruments No notes Vernacular Ballade- Love song<3
Illuminated Manuscript Utilizes linear perspective to have more depth
Pieta' Full rounded sculpture of virgin Mary holding dead body of Jesus
1.) Giotto painter, sculptor, architect. Very influential to Renaissance Art. STYLE: Simple, Elegant, 3-D, balanced, detailed.
The Lamentation's artist Giotto
The Lamentation's characteristics Late Midevil, offcenter focal point emotional, color, lots of line angels
Late Midevil Music Gregorian chant. Refinements in rhythm, new thoughts on harmony.
Early Renaissance Strong interest in Science, calculation, and Greek sculpture.
Petrarch father of Humanism
Joham Gutenbery Printing press creator
2.)Masaccio Humanistic, Detailed, Perspective, Scientific. Major influence on Renaissance artists.
contrapossio Putting weight on one foot
linear perspective further things away being smaller
3.) Fra Angelico Monk. Connected religious feelings w human emotion. interest in HANDS. calm; serious, subject matter. ANGLES nimbus in photos.
Who angled nimbus's in their paintings? Fra Angelico
4.) Botticelli Mythology. subtle light. S-curve. 1-dimensional (floating) angels.
5.) Donatello Popular teacher of architecture. Lots of full rounded arches. Some painting, and anatomical details.
6.) Ghiberti Relief sculpture. METAL casting. Used of linear perspective
7.) da Vinci Nature & science. NO light source, only highlights. sftumato
sftumato smokey/hazy background
Mona Lisa imaginary landscape highlights off center focal point OIL paint Golden mean archaic smile
High Renissance Art more dignified, more geometry used, needed god-like beings, linear perspective, and detailed anatomy.
broken consort full consort various instruments all the same instruments (family wise)
8.)Michelangelo Religious. sculpture and painter colleges with da Vinci
Sistine Chapel Michelangelo. Panels and depicted architectural elements.trompe l'oiel
trompe l'oeil fake architectural elements depicted for decorations.
David (14tf) contrapasso disproportionate s-curve a lot of details
9.) Raphael -very expressive CIRCULAR CANVAS (tondo) emphasis on perspective & light
Tondo circular Canvas (Rapheal)
Ave Maria -de Prez Sacred, yet not text from the bible.
imitative polyphonic Same saying started a measure later. Ex.)Ave Maria
St. Sernin cathedral Romanesque rounded arches cross layout
Florence Cathedral Pointed AND rounded arches
Doge's Palace SECULAR structure with SACRED arches [Both pointed & rounded]
The Tribute Money MASACCIO Early Renaissance continuous narration light source linear perspective atmospheric perspective angles nimbus
Noom (nom?) square notes created by monks to tell pitches of music
atmospheric perspective further things not being clear
Birth of Venus Botticelli mythology Early Renaissance
The Last Supper da Vinci High Renaissance
Created by: sbthompson