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Infusion/Stem Cells

Infusion/AUTOLOGOUS Stem Cells

What forms are already in the folder? 1.Request for Cellular Therapy Processing and Infusion 2. Cumulative report (of units that are acceptable)
Next important step: Get out the cellular therapy product release form (one for each BM#)
What is the cellular therapy product release form? Your checklist -- a job aid.
Next important step: Page the designated NP (consult schedule).
Next important step: Clean H2O bath, equilibrate to 37.
At the same time: Put 2.3 inches of N2 in Dewar flask (NOT above cardboard).
Next important form: Cellular Therapy Processing Infusion Record, for floor (see attached)
Get out the card and: find location of product and retrieve; but just put on top in freezer, to rest in vapor phase
What label will probably be not that helpful in an autologous HPC (A)? biohazard label
when ready for infusion, do this (3 steps): 1. put product in Dewar flask 2. sign out in log AND on card ... NOTE TIME! 3. go to floor
Once on the floor (3 steps) -- 1. stamp two forms 2. PLUG IN H2O BATH, GET TO 37∘ (record on form) 3. Fill out as much as possible (stay to fill out remainder)
Process begins. First step? Thaw in sterile, closed bag; edges first, do the bags with segments LAST. Keep seal of bag above water line. If there's a leak, clamp port immediately -- NP will use syringe to withdraw product from either original bag or containing bag.
What information is involved in reading? Patient name, MR #, spell out first and last name; then sign form (wait for even the last one!); record infusion start time
On the last unit(s): Retrieve segments
Don't leave without: the yellow copy
What to do with segment: CBC (first), viability (second; but vortex after each of three washes in Hank's buffered salt solution, and spin for 60 seconds; add a little before bringing to flow)
PAPERWORK! First step: (this is a trick question) Numbers on form in database form "Post-thaw Recovery" -- "pre-freeze TNC" is actually the post-processing TNC ... and on this form, do NOT change the E's. One form per BM number!!! in wfm.b dir.
PAPERWORK! (another trick question): total volume of post-thaw? IMPORTANT: This includes the volume of DMSO added AND the volume **NOT** transfused (total volume frozen)
PAPERWORK! (another trick question) ... next question, post-thaw NC/ml Your white count on the segment. Put in database as E6, database will move the decimal point)
What is then calculated for you? TNC and %NC recovery
Important step ... what to do before you leave this form? Print and save -- replace first part of name with BM #, and put in patient's folder
Second to the last step: In the database, do transplant (UNDER FORMS)
Last step: In computer, remove from freezer file the unit(s) that were/was transfused. BMARROW/LN2 FREEZERS
Created by: alanh1954