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Computer OS

what is operating system? 1) Part of computer system (software) 2) Manages all hardware and software. 3) Controls every file, device, section of main memory and nanosecond of processing time. 4) Controls who can use the system and Controls how system is used.
What is User Command Interface? Provides user communication User issues commands to operating system.
what is network manager? Convenient way for users to share resources, Retains user access control. Hardware (CPUs, memory areas, printers, tape drives, modems, and disk drives), Software (compilers, application programs, and data files)
what is main memory management? In charge of main memory Random Access Memory (RAM) Responsibilities include: Preserving space in main memory occupied by operating system Checking validity and legality of memory space request Setting up memory tracking table.
main memory management part 2 Tracks usage of memory by sections Needed in multiuser environment Deallocating memory to reclaim it
what is processor management? In charge of allocating Central Processing Unit (CPU) Tracks process status An instance of program execution Two levels of responsibility: Handle jobs as they enter the system, Handled by Job Scheduler, Manage each process within those jobs
processor management part2 Manage each process within those jobs Handled by Process Scheduler Manage each process within those jobs Handled by Process Scheduler
what is device management? In charge of monitoring all resources Devices, channels, and control units Responsibilities include: Choosing most efficient resource allocation method Printers, ports, disk drives, etc. Based on scheduling policy;
device management part 2 Allocating the device Starting device operation Deallocating the device
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