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Actions and Effects

Actions and Effects of Gallbladder points

GB 2 elim. wind/clear heat: ear issues, tinnitus, otitis media, deafness, local point for wind, TMJ, Jaw problems, facial paralysis
GB 14 elim pn & wind, ben eye: frontal/temporal headache, eye pain, swelling, itching, eyelid drooping or twitching
GB 20 dispel exterior/interior wind, all issues of the head/brain, sedate LV yg: seizures, mental/neurological issues, headache, eye, neck, shoulder, upper back issues, HTN esp. w/LV Yang rising
GB 21 expel LV wind: for hemiplegia, strokes, local for occipital headache, tight neck/shoulders, mastitis, influences Qi downwards, cough, difficult labor,asthma,
GB 24 LV/GB issues w/ heat or stagnation: gallstones, hepatitis, LV/GB attacking SP, nausea, bitter taste, vomiting, GB related emotional issues, fearfullness, shyness, timidity
GB 25 f.mu of KD, ton kd qi, yn, yg; reg waterways, resolve damp: lumbar pain, kidney stones, KD/SP dampness, diarrhea, bloating, diuretic, urinary retention, oedema,
GB 26 women's issues, *leukorrhea* from any etiology, gynecological disorders, menstrual related pains, migraines, bloating, local for lower back/waist
GB 29 hip pain; sciatica, paralysis or numbness in leg; pain and swelling of testicles
GB 30 mvs qi&xue, tonify qi&xue of whole bdy: *sciatica*, pain, numbness of lower back, hips, buttocks a/or lower limbs; red, itchy skin disorders due to wind
GB 31 elim wind: red, itchy skin issues from wind a/or dampness anywhere on the body, lateral/posterior leg issues, sciatica, numbness
GB 34 He Sea/Hui/inf of Sinews all soft tissue and sinew problems issues anywhere in the body, contracture, cramping, pain; sciatica and lower body issues; hypochondriac pain, GB damp-heat, hepatitis, shao-yang disorderconstipation due to Qi stagn
GB 36; Xi Cleft Point pain in neck, chest, thigh and hypo, rabies
GB 37; Luo Point main distal pt for vision: LV related eye issues, redness, night blindness, lower leg/foot issues, dropped foot, oedema, headaches around the eyes, breast problems from LV Qi stagnation, pain, insufficient lactation
GB 38; Jing River POint clears gb heat & dampheat: Relieves pain along the GB channel: migraine, hypo pain,
GB 39; Hui meeting Pt of Marrow all conditions effecting the *marrow*, ligaments, tendons, etc., chronic bi or wei syndromes, neck issues, pain, whiplash, descend LV/GB heat, dizziness, tinnitus
GB 40; Yuan Source Point clears gb heat/dampheat, spread LV qi: Chronic lateral *ankle* sprain; heel problems; stiffness, paralysis, weakness of ankle or leg; migraines; flank pain; digestive problems
GB 41; Shu Stream Point *menstrual/breast disorders*, PMS; headaches, eye problems, swelling, redness, lacrimation issues, local for lateral foot pain; lumbar pain; red itchy skin diseases; eye problems, asthma
GB 43; Ying Spring POint clear heat, ben. eyes& ears, sed. lv yg, decrease swelling: headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, cheek swelling; eye redness; deafness; flank pain; foot swelling and pain
GB 44; Jing Well POint/Metal lowers energy from head: *migraine*, nightmares, deafness, dd sleep, febrile dz
GB 39 Hui meeting of marrow
GB 34 Hui meeting pt of sinews
GB 24 Front Mu of Gallbladder
GB 25 Front Mu of Kidney
Which GB pts are the MP for Sciatica GB 30, 34
Which GB Pt is the MP for hip pain but also good for sciatica GB 29
Which Pt is an IP for wind damp skin anywhere? GB 31
Which GB pts are MP to shao yang syndrome GB 34
Which GB is a MP for hemiplegia or stroke due to phlegm accumulation GB 21
Which PT is a MP for HA GB 20 or GB 41 (lateral and migraine also occipital and vertex) GB 39
Which GB pt is a MP for chronic lateral ankle sprain? GB 40
Which Pt is a MP for stiff neck GB 20
Which pt are the MP for menstrual problems caused by LV and GB GB 41, GB 26
Which PT is a MP for leucorrhea GB 26 (dai mai)
Which PT is a MP for knee problems & hypo pn? GB 34
Which PT is an IP for constipation due to qi stagnation GB 34
Which pt is a MP for eye problems GB 37 Luo pt
Which pt is an IP for eye problems GB 41
Which pt benefits the orifices? GB 44
gb 8 elim wind: migraine, vertigo, vomiting, eye dz
gb 19 relax muscles & tendons, gb fire: *tension HA*
how many points on GB channel? 44
Created by: nesaherbal