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English H I Poetry

English I Honors Poetry Unit

Poetry written for the purpose of expressing a particular emotion Lyric Poetry
2 Types of Lyric Poetry: Elegy and Ode
Poem that tells a story Narrative Poem
A narrative poem with a repeated refrain Ballad
Poetry that incorporates elements associated with stage drama Dramatic Poetry
When one character addresses the audience for an extended period of time Dramatic Monologue
Dramatic Monologue was simlutaneously invented by :___________. Alfred Lord Tennyson and Robert Browning
"Tonight I can Write" was written by _______. Pablo Neruda
Pablo Neruda was a _________. surrealist
Pablo Neruda was from______. Chile
In "Tonight I can Write" what do we learn abou tthe speaker of this poem? He's a poet. He's sitting outside or near a window. He's no longer with the woman he loves; writing makes him better
What is the problem in "Tonight I can Write" ? the speaker is no longer with his love but he still loves her
In "Tonight I can Write" is the problem resolved or merely concluded? concluded: he still loves her
What is the overall mood of "Tonight I can Write"? longing, sadness, regret, nostalgia; not hopeless- his state is temporary
What type of poem is "Tonight I can Write" ? Lyric Poem
"Hallelujah" was written by ________. Leonard Cohen
What do we know about the speaker in "Hallelujah" ? He's lost his love - it's happened before but he's still upset
"Hallelujah" alludes to which two biblical characters? David and Samson
__________ means praise God. Hallelujah
In "Hallelujah" the phrase "hallelujah" meant_________. thank god love had happened ( not sarcastic)
The mood of Hallelujah is _______. longing, bitter; love is not always positive,sometimes it is the war
Universal Truths of "Hallrlujah": Love is not always happy, Whether or not there is a God, Thank god love happened
"When You Are Old" is by_____________. William Butler Yeates
William Butler Yeates is from ______. Ireland
A famous modern poet whose work was published from the early 1900s to the WWII era:__________. William Butler Yeates
William Butler Yeates wrote about__________. politics, love, metaphysical, ( images he uses are surprising)
What do we know about the speaker in "When You Are Old" ? He's male, a writer, and writing to the woman he loves. They are not together.
What is the mood of "When You Are Old" bitter, vengeful, "Nana-nana-boo-boo"
What do you know about the audience in 'When You are Old" ? She's beautiful and she left the speaker for someone else.
What is the problem in "When You Are Old" ? the speaker is in love with a woman who left him for someone else
"Funeral Blues" was written by ___________. WH Auden
famou modern poet who was popular in the 40s and 50s WH Auden
What do we know about the speaker in "Funeral Blues" ? The Speaker is female and her love has died
Who is the audience of "Funeral Blues" ? general audience
On what day is "Funeral Blues" set? the day of the funeral
What is the problem in "Funeral Blues" a girls love has died
"The Highwayman" was written by__________. Alfred Noyes
Alfred Noyes was a _____________. one-hit-wonder
Who is the Speaker in "The Highwayman" ? 3rd person narrative
What type of poem is "Hallelujah"? Lyrics Poetry
"Ode to Billy Joe" is written by ______. Bobbie Gentry
"Ode to Billy Joe" is a _______________ poem. Dramatic Narrative
"Ode to Billy Joe" was set in _________. Mississippi
What do we know about the speake in "Ode to Billy Joe" ? She was seeing Billy Joe.
What senses are appealed too in "Ode to Billy Joe" : ___________. taste, touch
The "Corpus Christi Carol" is a _______. Ballad
The "Corpus Christis Carol" is a traditional _______ ballad. English
The "Corpus Christi Carol" occurs in _______. Winter or Fall
The "Corupis Christi Carol" is a retelling of __________. the death of Christ
"Ulysses" was written by ____________. Alfred Lord Tennyson
The main character in "Ulysses" is : a santanic hero and based on the Ulysses in "Dante's Inferno"
"Ulysses" is a __________. Dramtic Monologue
Why is Ulysses unsatisfied? he' s in one place - and that place is beneath him
Ho does Ulysses characterize Penelope? his aged wife
How does Ulysses characterize his subjects? savage, crude, like animals
What does Ulysses want? knowledge and adventure because life's too short; he's seen everywhere and home doesn't stack up
How does Ulysses descride Telemachus? he does the best he can but Odyssesus was better; he can only do the basic work
Who is the Audience in "Ulysses" ? his mariners
"The Long Black Veil" was written by _________. M. Wilkins and D. Dill and originally recorded by Johnny Cash
What do we know about the speaker of the poem in "The Long Black Veil" ? He was accused and executed fo rmurder and he's telling the story from the grave
The "Long Black Veil" is a __________. Dramatic Monologue
What is the mood in "Funeral Blues" ? sad, depressing, dispairing ( "day of" mood)
"An Irish Airman forsees his death" is written by _______. William Butler Yeates
"Dear Danny Ledbetter" is written by _______. Mignon Mabry
"The Sacred" is written by _________. Stephan Dunn
"Final Note to Clark" is written by _________. Lucille Clifton
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