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CCU Sanskrit

Bhastrika Bellows Breath
Kapalabhati Shining Breath
Ujjayi Success Breath
Dirgha Complete Breath
Nadi Shodhana Alternate Nostril Breath
Pavanamuktasana Knee to chest pose
Jathara Parivrittasana Knee Down Twist Pose
Matsyendrasana Seated Twist Pose
Baddha Konasasa Butterfly Pose
Paschimottanasana Seated Forward Bend Pose
Chakrasana Kneeling Wheel Pose
Balasana Child's Pose
Tadasana Standing Mountain Pose
Vrksasana Tree Pose
Ekpadasana One Foot Pose
Dandayamana-Dhanurasana Standing Bow Pose
Trikonasana Triangle Pose
Garudasana Eagle Pose
Dandayamana Konasana Standing Angle Pose
Padmasana Lotus Flexion Pose
Supta Janu Sirsasana Upward Facing Knee to Head Pose
Dhanurasana Bow Pose
Salabasana Locust Pose
Setu Bandhasana Bridge Pose
Sarvangasana Shoulder Stand
Halasana Plow Pose
Matsyasana Fish Pose
Surya Namaskar Sun Salutations
Bandhas Locks
Moola Bandha Root Lock
Uddiyana Bandha Stomach Lock
Jalandhara Banda Chin Lock
Om Bhavam Namah I am absolute existence 1. Cultivate Stillness 2. Witnessing awareness 3. Non-judgement Law of Pure Potentiality
On Vardhanam Namah I am the nourisher of the Universe and the Universe nourishes me 1. Breathing awareness 2. Be grateful for life force 3. Surrender to your body's needs Law of Giving and Receiving
Om Kriyam Namah My actions are aligned with the Universe 1. Witness your choices 2. Ask yourself "will this bring comfort"? 3. Listen to your heart Law of Karma
Om Daksham Namah My actions achieve maximal benefit with minimal effort 1. Practice acceptance 2. Take Responsibility for your body 3. Remain open to all points of view Law of Least Effort
Om Ritam Namah My intentions and desires are supported by the Universe 1. Make a list 2. Surrender 3. Be present Law of Intention and Desire
Om Anandham Namah My actions are blissfully free from attachment to outcome 1. Practice detachment 2. Embrace uncertainty 3. Surrender Law of Detachment
Om Varunam Namah My life is in harmony with the Universe 1. Focus on the stillnes in you 2. Find your unique talents 3. How can I help, how can I serve? Law of Dharma
Yamas First Branch of Yoga Rules of Social Behavior
Ahimsa Non-violence Yama
Satya Truthful Speech Yama
Brahmacharya Appropriate sexual control Yama
Asteya Honesty Yama
Aparigraha Generosity Yama
Niyamas Second Branch of Yoga Rules of Personal Behavior
Shoucha Purity Niyama
Santosha Contentment Niyama
Tapas Discipline Niyama
Svadhyana Spiritual Exploration Niyama
Ishwara Pranidhana Surrender to the divine Niyama
Asana Third Branch of Yoga Seat or Position
Pranayama Fourth Branch of Yoga Conscious breathing techniques
Pratyahara Fifth Branch of Yoga Withdrawal of the senses
Dharana (Dharn-nah) Sixth Branch of Yoga Mastery of Attention and Intention
Dhyana Seventh Branch of Yoga Development of witnessing Awareness
Samadhi Eighth Branch of Yoga Being in a State of Pure Awareness
Gyan Yoga of Understanding
Bhakti Yoga of Love and Devotion
Karma Yoga Yoga of action and reaction
Raja Yoga Yoga of Meditation
Mahavakyas "Four Great Sayings" from the Upanishads
Prajnanam Brahma "Consciousness is Brahman"
Ayam Atma Brahma "This Self (atman) is Brahman"
Tat Tvam Asi That is that. Thou Art That.
Aham Brahmasmi "I am the Totality"
Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha "Yoga is the quieting of the mind field"
Prakritim Svam Avastabhya Visrjami Punah Punah "Turning back unto myself, I create again and again"
Agni Melee Purohitam "I express my gratitude to surrender to this fire of transformation"
Nistrai Gunyo Bhav-Arjuna "Go beyond the three gunas, Arjuna"
Yogastah Kurukarmani "Establish yourself in the state of yoga. Perform your actions"
Ananda Bliss
Atman Individual expression of pure spirit
Brahman Pure consciousness
Guru Dispeller of darkness, Great Teacher
Maya Illusion of the senses
Moksha Liberation, freedom from all conditioning
Mudras Positions of eyes, hands or body
Nadi Subtle chanel through which energy flows
Namaste The divine light in me honors the divine light in you
Prakriti Matrix of life, primal nature
Prana Life force
Purusha Essence of mind, the self, pure potentiality
Satsang Gathering of people seeking the truth
Sanskrit Ancient sacred language
Shanti Peace
Sutra Thread
Upanishads Collection of 108 vedic texts dealing with higher states of consciousness
Vedas Revealed knowledge. Four holy books: foundation of Vedic Science
Guna Fundamental quality or property
Rajas Active, excited Guna
Tamas Dull, inert, heavy Guna
Sattva Purity, goodness Guna
Advaita Non-dualism.
Sattvic foods Milk, honey, almonds and Ghee
Jiva Life force. Atman is the soul.
Three safety guides Consult a doctor Listen to your body Avoid rapid movements
Anatomy Scientific system for understanding bodily structures and their relationships
Physiology Functions and metabolic processes of the body.
Concentric contraction When a muscle naturally shortens upon contraction. (biceps when lifting)
Eccentric lengthening When a tensed muscle actually lengthens rather than shortens. (Back bends)