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CSU More OT History

Adolf Meyer 1866 - 1950 A doctor who was an early advocate of occupational therapy -
John Dewey 1859 – 1952 Educator who promoted practical, hands on activities in school - Pragmatism
Phillip Pinel 1745 - 1826 Promoted "Moral Treatment" in France focusing on humane treatment and invovlement in activities for individuals with mental illnesses
William Tuke 1732–1819 A quaker who promoted humane treatment and activity based care for mental illness in England (an approach similar to Pinel's)
The Arts and Crafts Movement peaked 1880 and 1910 A movement that valued craftsmanship. A response to the industrial revolution. Valued handmade vs factory made. Also associated with progressive political views
Created by: OTTeacherLady