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History Ch. 2 Test

Ancient History Chapter 2 Test Study Guide

Howard Carter discovered King Tutankhamen's tomb in 1922? True or False True
Rameses was the last strong Pharoah of the New Kingdom? True or False True
Polytheism is the worship of the one true God? True or False False
The Egyptian god Osiris was believed to preside over the Hall of Judgment? True or False True
Egyptians did not believe in life after death? True or False False
Egyptians believed that the _______ was the son of Horus, thus making him a god and a high priest. Pharoah
A _______ calculated the taxes people owed based on their crops. Nilometer
The desert that covers most of North Africa is the ________ Sahara
The three seasons on the Egyptian calendar were _________, _________, and __________ Flood, planting, harvest
Dead bodies that had been embalmed and preserved were called _________ Mummies
What are hieroglyphics? Picture writing
Who was the man that led the Hebrews out of slavery from Egypt? Moses
This was a large black stone that was found in the sand of the Nile Delta and contained a message written in Greek and Egyptian? Rosetta Stone
This is called the "Gift of the Nile" Egypt
A paper made from the stalk of a reedy plant that grows along the Nile Papyrus
A long pole with a bucket on one end; used to irrigate crops. Shadoof
The frenchman who worked many years to translate hieroglyphics by comparing the symbols to the Greek language Jean Champollion
Group of people who used horse-drawn chariots to invade Egypt and forced the Hebrews into slavery Hyksos
He became pharoah at the age of ten and died at the age of nineteen, leaving treasurers Tutankhamen
Egyptian goddess who, according to legend, was the wife of Osiris and a protector of children Isis
Created by: wnewton