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MAjor World Authors and Titles

Tactus Germania (Lat.) [98 A.D]
Boethius Consolation of Philosophy (Lat.) [C.524]
Swiss Monks of St. Gall Quem Quaeritis [C. 875-900]
French Epic Chanson de Roland [C.1100]
Icelandic Sagas Gettirsaga Volsungsaga [C. 1100-1250]
Giraldus Cambrensis Itinerary [C. 1185-1190]
Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meun Roman de la Rose [C. 1230]
Marco Polo Travels [C. 1300]
Dante Vita Nuova [C. 1294] Divinia Commedia (C. 1307-1321]
Petrarch Sonnets to Laura [C. 1350]
Boccaccio Ameto [1342] Decameron [C. 1350]
Froissart Chronicles [1400]
Gutenburg The Gutenburg Bible [1456]
Erasmus The Praise of Folly [1509]
Ariosto Orlando Furioso [C.1516]
Castiglione The Courtier [1528]
Machiavelli The Prince [W. 1513][1532]
Rabelais Pantagruel [1532]
Calvin Institutes of Christian Religion (Lat.) [1536]
Amgot Plutarch's Lives (TI) [1559]
Minturno De Poeta [1559]
Scaliger Poetics [1561]
Montaigne Essays [1580]
Cervantes Don Quixote Part I [1605]
Corneille The Cid [1636]
Descartes Discours Sur la Methode [1637]
Taine History of English Literature [1864]
Karl Marx Das Kapital [1867]
Ibsen The Doll's House [1879]
Edmond Rostand L'aiglon [1900]
Kafka The Trial [1925]
Gide The Couterfeiters [1925]
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