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Occurrence at Owl Cr


secessionist one who favorited the separation of the Southern states from the Union
remove distance
pivotal central; acting as a point around which other things turn
oscillation regular back and forth movement
appalling frightful
imperious urgent
gyration circular movement; whirling
perilous dangerous
fixity steadiness; motionlessness
deference respect
preternaturally extraordinarily; abnormally
malign harmful; evil
ineffable indescribable; unspeakable
chafed became impatient
uncanny eerie; weird
sentinel guard; sentry
encompassed surrounded; enclosed
sleepers railroad ties
martinet disciplinarian of military rigidity
report explosive noise
dictum statement; saying
presaging forewarning; predicting
acclivity uphill slope
summarily without delay
abrasion scrape
apprised informed
knell sound of a bell ringing slowly
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