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Graph Communications

The primary colors according to additive light theory? Red, green, and blue (RGB)
The primary colors of subtractive color theory? Cyan, magenta, and yellow (CMY)
Cyan ink film over a yellow ink film yields what color? Green
Red Light Combined with Green Light will Yield What Color? Yellow
A blue light combined with green light will yield which of the following colors? Cyan
Rods found in the human eye are responsible for? Perception of colorless, dim light
An LCD displays color using what model? Additive color model?
It's not unusual for a color displayed on the monitor to have a different color appearance when printed on paper? True or False? True
The standard set of color inks used for full-color reproduction on printing presses is called? Process color
A special ink that requires its own unit on the printing press is called a? Spot color
The pantone matching system consists of_______ basic inks that can be blended to make _______different colors? 19; more than 1,000
TruMatch and Focoltone color specification systems are used to specify CMYK screen builds only (no spot colors) (True or False)? True
All of the major graphics applications on the market have swatch book color specifications built in? (True or False) True
A color reproduction, printed on a printing press, can always render all of the colors contained in the original photographic image? False
Adjusting the contrast of an image, including the position of highlights shadows and midtones is termed? Tone reproduction
Ensuring that color balance exists in the reproduction by removing any color cast is called....? Gray Balance
The method of producing the black separation by reducing CMY process colors in gray tonal areas (mostly shadow areas) is called....? UCR
UCR stands for? Undercolor removal
The method of producing the black separation by replacing the gray component of trichromatic colors with black ink is called? GCR
Increasing the amount of GCR or UCR will decrease the total ink coverage in process color printing. (True or False) True
Which is the following is an advantage of applying GCR? Reduced ink drying time, more stable gray balance throughout pressrun, lower consumption of process inks
A disadvantage of GCR is that the press operator will have more difficulty in modifying colors on press by increasing or decreasing ink film density (True or False?) True
UCA is short for? Undercolor addition
Vector-based programs and object oriented programs are synonymous ways of describing the capabilities of illustration programs. (True or False) True
A vector graphic may be described as an image... Composed of anchor points and lines/Stored as a mathematical formula of geometric shapes
When enlarging a vector graphic, there tends to be a loss of image quality due to a decrease in effective resolution? (true or false) False
Best to save artwork created with illustration software in which of the following file formats? EPS
A pixel may be defined as a? Tiny block of color or tone, and a picture element
Image-editing software is used to create or edit vector-based images (true or false) False
A pixel-based image file may also incorporate non-printing vector graphics (True or False) True
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