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unit test

weapon that helped English in the hundred year war longbow
what religious men secluded lives monks
who believed god gave them the right to rule kings or monarchs
in order of towns to grow and developed there had to be enough ____________ to go around food
a code of conduct followed by knights chivalry
most important skill for a knight to have fighting
managing the manor was the primary responsibility of the ______________ lords
alternate name for the magna carta great charter
official religion of the roman empire Christianity
most medieval holidays honored _________ religion
journey to an important religious site pilgrimage
Christians fought Muslims during the crusades in order to take control of ____________ Jerusalem
what church had the most political power and economic power in Europe during the high middle ages roman catholic
who gave loyalty to lords in exchange for a piece of land to work and protect serfs
Charlemagne was the leader of the _____________________________ holy roman empire
what people from Scandinavia and north of Europe threatened western Europe vikings
who acted as soldiers for lords and monarchs knights
name the leader of the entire roman church pope
what did peasants do for their lords raised crops
banishing someone from a catholic church is called __________________ excommunication
what is one way the catholic church took power from the monarchs forbade the selling of church offices
one result of the medieval towns being dirty people became sick
the name for a group of crafts men who created the same good and protected each other is called a __________________ guild
how did guilds help customers assured quality goods
what holy roman emperor unified christian Europe Charlemagne
monarchs provided what for vassals protection
justice was improved greatly in the 13 century when accused criminals were dealt with ________________ independent courts
during the middle ages what group of people was the most likely to be educated religious leaders
if a person objects to being held in prison they may file a "writ of" __________________ habeas corpus
mystery plays tell stories from what the bible
what replaced trial by ordeal and trial by combat as a method of determining weather a person was guilty or innocent court inquiries
around what age did medieval people get married 12-15
name a form of fun or entertainment for medieval people checkers
what geographical feature did medieval people look for when deciding where to build a town waterways
in medieval Europe many people were prejudiced against what religious group jews