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2R151 Volume 3

Volume 3

The equipment inventory reporting system justifies and defends the program, budget, and USAF Plan
Errors in inventory reporting can result in the loss of supplies, manpower authorizations, and funding
Under the inventory reporting concept, all aerospace vehicles in the Air Force must be accounted for as long as they are assigned and possessed by the Air Force ANG or AF Reserve unit
What type of reporting is the distribution or allocation of aerospace vehicles by HQ USAF and MAJCOMs to AF installations based onthe missin of the command? Assignment reporting
Who assigns an distributes aerospace vehicles throughout the Air Force? HQ USAF
Who handles the distribution of aerospace vehicles within a command? MAJCOM AVDO
What concept of AFI 21-103 reporting is based on exception reporting? Status
What data is considered the number of sorties/hours flown, and the types of missions that are being flown? Utilizations
Unless otherwise reported, the status of all aircraft is considered to be FMC
Which maintenance status code is used when an aircraft cannot fly due to uncleared maintenance and supply conditions? NMCB
What maintenance status code indicates an aircraft is capable of flying at least one but not all of its assigned missions? PMC
Who is responsible for the AVUM function? Aviation resource manager
In order to generate reconciliation reports, who is responsible to provide reports to the AVUM and AVDO daily? MDSA
Which MAJCOM becomes the initial possessing activity for new production aircraft? AFMC
When field teams are performing depot-level maintenance or modifications, who gains possession? AFMC
Do not schedule aircraft for PDM that are programmed to be dropped form the active inventory within how many years? 2
What function is responsible for the coordination of AFTO Form 103 with the MOF PS&D and QA before the form is submitted to the MAJCOM? Unit AVDO
The AFTO Form 103 will be initiated how many days in advance of the scheduled depot date to allow for command review and certification? 55
What routine is used to load the basic equipment identification information for part and serial numbered items? SEL
Which routine would you used to report status updates, maintain inventory history, and update status history for unit assigned equipment STU
Which routine provides information concerning the status of assigned equipment? EST
Depending on the input format used, which routine provides a list of all equipment assigned to the unit, or work center, which is loaded for a specific equipment designator, specific part number, or all part numbers? ELT
What is a maintenance scheduler's main concern when dealing with the annual operational contract? the capability of maintenance to support the contract
During the development of the annual operational contract, who provides the unit with historical data from the previous flying months? MDSA
During the oeprational and maintenance planning cycle, quarterly planning begins with the quarterly allocation of flying hours
As a minimum, the long-range plan shows the known maintenance requirements for the cureent month and the next two months
Scheduling forecasts and monitors the quarterly plan on an Air Force Form 2401
When should additional requirements such as TCTO programs, PDM schedules, and scheduled inspections be added to the quarterly plan? As requirements are received
The monthly maintenance planning schedule will include all known "operational" events, such as exercises, deployments, and surges
When will the operations officer provide AMU supervision and PS&D with the estimated operational needs for the following month? NLT the first weekly scheduling meeting
NLT the third weekly scheduling meeting with the OG and MXG commanders, next month's plan must be finished prior to presenting it to the wing commander
A maintenance scheduler must be aware of the basic requirements necessary to support the flying schedule in order to properly predict scheduled and unscheduled maintenance
To allow for attrition, the maintenace scheduler overschedules the contracted sorties by the number of sorties indicated by the attrition factor
How many days prior to the beginning of the effective month must the monthly maintenance plan be distributed if published? 5
The purpose of the weekly utilization and maintenance plan is to refine the monthly maintenance plan and provide additional details to it
Once published, the weekly schedule provides the final planning guide for maintenance and operations
All weekly schedules should be developed to conform as closely as possible to the current monthly maintenance plan
What staff agency is responsible for compiling the data to be incorporated inthe weekly maintenance plan? Scheduling (PS&D)
As early in the week as possible, but NLT two workdays before the weekly meeting, the OS operations officer gives the proposed schedule for the coming week to the AMU supervision
Who measures each organization on its flying and maintenance scheduling effectiveness? MAJCOM
The OS operations officer and AMU supervision will review and coordinate the proposed weekly flying and maintenance schedule with OS, AMXS, and MXS prior to presenting it to the operations and maintenance group commanders
After the group commanders approve the weekly schedule, it will be submitted to MOF PS&D for compilation
Once the weekly schedule is reviewed and signed by the OG, MXG, and WG commander, it becomes the final planning guide for both operations and maintenance
When the weekly schedule is finalized and distributed, who divelops specific procedures to record an coordinate changes to the printed weekly schedule? MAJCOM
Daily maintenance planning is necessary to incorporate unscheduled maintenance requirements into the daily portion of the weekly maintenance plan
Who chooses the debriefing option your unit will use? The MAJCOM
A ground deviation is an event that occurs before aircraft takeoff
An air deviation is an event that occurs after aircraft takeoff
An airborne aircraft that cannot complete its primary or alternate mission is an air abort
Who determines specific procedures to record and coordinate changes to the printed weekly schedule? MAJCOM
Who initiates the AF Form 2407? The requesting agency
Which means of communication is the most convenient and fastest for coordinating maintenance requirements? Telephone
Which Air Force form sequences required maintenance actions against a specific line number? 2409
What management step is necessary to build a generation maintenance flow plan? coordination
When a generation is finished, who will attend a post exercise/contingency "hot wash" meeting to evluate flow plans for changes or improvements? PS
What does UTC package normally repesent? Both personnel and equipment
What is the last digit of a standard that is a Headquarters USAF-approved and distributed UTC? 0
What IMDS routine loads codes to depict the intent, purpose, or function of a specific mission or exercise? AUC table
Which IMDS routine would you use to laod the flying schedule for the following week? OEL
What IMDS routine is used to update, correct, reactivate, or delete the equipment's utilization? OUU
What IMDS routine lists all scheduled events for an equipment ID and gives a flying hour history report? SAE
Wich IMDS background program displays scheduled events for each equipment ID in a weekly or a monthly plan format? PMP
Which IMDS program recaps operational performance of assigned aircraft? AUR
Additional areas to be included in local tracking of maintenance scheduling effectiveness such as AGE and alternate mission equipment may be authorized bythe MXG/CC
A malfunction or deficiency on an aircraft or a piece of equipment that can't be corrected within a reasonable time after discovery due to non-availability of parts, manpower, facilities, or equipment is what type ofdiscrepancy? Documented
What are the two separate and distict documented discrepancy files? Awaiting maintenance/awaiting parts
Who is responsible for COMSEC and OPSEC? Everyone in the Air Force
The two forms of security that are specificially related to our jobs as schedulers are communictions and operjations
What classification designation is applied only to information or material for which unauthorized disclosure could resonably be expected to cause serious damage to national security? Secret
What classification designation is applied only to information or material for which unauthorized disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause damage to the national security? Confidential
The goal of COMSEC in the US air Force is to ensure the security of telecommunications
What is considered on e of the weakest communications links in the United States? Telephone system
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