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communal belonging to a community; pertaining to a community; public "a XXX settlement in which all earnings and food were shared"
coy shy, bashful; modest; coquettish, flirtatious "like a wild young colt, very inquisitive but very XXX and not to be easily cajoled"
crisp brittle, easily broken; sharp and clear (manner of speaking, tone of voice); lively It was a XXX morning during fall break.
dejected depressed, sad He is XXX but trying to look cheerful.
eidetic pertaining to visual images (seen recently or long before) which can be recalled vividly and with great detail He has an XXX memory.
enthralled captivate, fascinate; charm, enchant; enslave, subjugate The magic show XXX the audience.
fiend devil; demon; evil; mischief maker; one who is crazy about, one who is addicted to (Slang) He's a XXX with computers. He's a soccer XXX.
lanky ungracefully tall and thin;tall and thin and having long slender limbs A XXX kid transformed almost overnight into a handsome young man.
mesmerized hypnotize, induce a trance-like state; subject to mesmerism; fascinate, rivet, spellbind She XXX the audience with her tricks. He was XXX by her stories.
mind-boggling intellectually or emotionally overwhelming She was confused by a XXX puzzle
plush characterized by extravagance and profusion a XXX buffet
riveted fascinated, captivated, engrossed The discovery of the skull XXX the paleontologists
rugged sturdy and strong in constitution or construction those that survive are stalwart XXX men
spellbound having your attention fixated as though by a spell She was XXX by his stories as if he was a wizard.
standing not created for a particular occasion a XXX committee.
stocky heavy and compact in form or stature She has XXX legs.
taut subjected to great tension her nerves were XXX as the strings of a bow
towering of imposing height; especially standing out above others XXX icebergs
willowy flexible, elastic; tall, erect; very fine, slender, lithe; shaded by willow trees; similar to a willow She was a XXX lady.
downhill toward a lower or inferior state your performance has been going XXX for a long time now
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