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Bi 101

1 biology test

1 Science A process of testing hypothesis-statements about how the natural world works. Scientific hypothesis must be testable and falsifiable.
2 Hypothesis Ideas about how things work. It is a proposed explanation for one or more observations.
3 Experiments Contrived situations designed to test specific hypothesis.
4 Data Information collected during hypothesis testing.
5 Controlled Experiments A
6 Scientific Theory Explanation of a set of related observations based on well-supported hypothesis from several different lines of research.
7 Bias Unfair influence on an experiment.
8 Blind experiment Individual subjects are not aware of of the experiments.
9 Double-blind Both the research subjects and the technicians performing the measurements are unaware of the hypothesis and the experimental group.
10 Correlations A relationship between two variables.
11 Primary Sources Written by the researchers themselves and reviewed within the scientific community.
12 Secondary source Media reports appear in radio, newspaper, magazines, and or tv.
13 Anecdotal evidence Advice that is based on one person's personal evidence.
14 Metabolism All of the chemical processes taht occur in the cells.
15 Homeostasis A constant internal environment.
16 Solute A substance that dissolves in liquid
17 Solvent Liquid in which another substance is dissolved
18 Atoms The smallest units in which a substance can be broken down into Protons, Nuetrons, Electrons
19 Cohesion Water molecules stick together as a reult of hydrogen bonding.
20 Hydrophillic Water loving polar molecules.
21 Hydrophobic Water hating nonpolar molecules.
22 Covalent Bond Atoms that share electrons.
23 Carbohydrates Function: Energy source, plant structure Examples: Starch, Cellulose sugar.
24 Protein Functions: Structure immunity, Speed up reactions and transport Examples: Enzymes, Hemoglobin.
25 Lipids Functions: Energy storage, Insulation, cell membrane structure, chemical messanger Examples: Fats, steroids, phospholipids
26 Nucleic Acid Functions: Blueprint for life, Store genetic information. Examples: DNA,RNA
27 Prokaryotic cells Small Bacteria, does not have nucleus, contains DNA,
28 Eukaryotic cells Single-celled organisms,has nucleus, and organelles,
29 Macronutrients Big nutrients such as water, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.
30 Micronutrients Small nutrients that are essential in minute amounts such as vitamins, and minerals.
31 Lactose Intolerance Enzyme deficiency, unable to digest large amounts of lactose, shortage of enzyme lactace.
32 Metabolic Rate Measure of energy use.
33 Basal Metabolic Rate Resting energy use of an awake alert person.
34 Phospholipid Bilayer Plasma membrane that surronds cells composed of two layers of phospholipids.
35 Active Transport Transport that uses proteins powered by energy currency ATP.
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