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MACC Urinalysis dip

MACC Dipstick testing for urines

What is the Reagent Strip Reaction? pH double-indicator system methyl red and bromthymol blue
What is the Reagent Strip Reaction? Protein This test is based on the protein-error-of-indicators principle. At a constant pH, the development of color is due to the presence of protein.
What is the Reagent Strip Reaction? Glucose double sequential enzyme reaction. Glucose oxidase
What is the Reagent Strip Reaction? Blood peroxidase-like activity of hemoglobin
What is the Reagent Strip Reaction? Bilirubin Diazo Reaction
What is the Reagent Strip Reaction? Ketone Sodium nitroprusside Measures Acetoacetate and Acetone
What is the Reagent Strip Reaction? Specific Gravity pKa changes - only measures particles with ionic charge
What is the Reagent Strip Reaction? Urobilinogen modified Ehrlich reaction or Azocoupling reaction
What is the Reagent Strip Reaction? Leukocytes detects Esterases from Granulocytic cells (Neutrophils)
What is the Reagent Strip Reaction? Nitrates Tests for Nitrites in urine due to gram negative bacteria
What is the Clinical Significance of pH? systemic acid-base disorders, infections are alkaline, help ID crystals
What is the Clinical Significance of PROTEIN? Presence means that additional testing should be performed for renal disease
What is the Clinical Significance of GLUCOSE? Diabetes is the most common
What is the Clinical Significance of KETONES? fat is being metabolized, diabetes, vomiting, starvation, malabsorption
What is the Clinical Significance of BLOOD? HEMATURIA - Bleeding Myoglobulin
What is the Clinical Significance of BILIRUBIN? Liver dysfunction
What is the Clinical Significance of UROBILINOGEN? Liver disease, hemolytic disorders
What is the Clinical Significance of NITRATE? Presence of bacteria
What is the Clinical Significance of LEUKOCYTE ESTERASE? Increased urinary white blood cells
Principle of Test? SPECIFIC GRAVITY REFRACTOMETER Refractive Index Light is passed through a prism in comparison to water
Clinical Significance? SPECIFIC GRAVITY testing the kidney's ability to concentrate urine
How will X-ray dye affect an Urinalysis? Will cause the specific gravity to be over 1.035
What will cause Interference in testing for PROTEIN? Positive - buffered alkaline urine Negative - dilute urine, skin cleaners, blood
What is SSA testing used for? Backup testing for Protein
What is MicroAlbuminuria testing for? Immunochemical test for very small amounts of albumin in urine
What causes Interference for GLUCOSE? positive - strong oxidizing agents such as bleach negative - Ascorbic Acid (ascorbate), old urine
What is the Clinitest used for? To detect reducing substances (sugars) such as Galactose and glucose
What is "pass-through" during a Clinitest Result is greater than the linearity of the test
Why is it hard to perform a dipstick UA on a patient that is taking a large amount of Vitamin C Vitamin C is ascorbic acid which interferes with many of the tests, esp glucose and urobilinogen
Interference? KETONES positive - colored urines negative - Improper storage
Interference? BLOOD positive - menstruation negative -not mixed well, ascorbic acid, formalin, protein
Interference? BILIRUBIN posiitive - color, many chemicals negative - ascorbic acid, improper storage
What is the Ictotest used for? Backup testing for Dipstick Bilirubin
Interference? UROBILINOGEN positive - urine color, some drugs negative - improper storage, formalin
Interference? NITRATE Positive - old sample Negative - bacteria not produce nitrates, Ascorbic acid storage in bladder short
A urine is transparent and has not particulates present. It is ? Clear
A urine has a few particulates, but newsprint can be easily read thru it. It is? Hazy
A urine has many particulates and newsprint can be seen thru it, but cannot be read. It is? Cloudy
A urine has so many particulates that newprint cannot be seen thru it. It is? Turbid
If a urine is pink or red. It can contain? RBCs, hemoglobin, myoglobin or the metabolites of beets
If a urine is deep orange, there is a good chance the patient is taking? Pyridium (Phenazopyridine)
If the urine is Amber or deep yellow with a yellow foam, it can contain? Bilirubin
What urine collection is best for a Urinalysis Clean Catch Urine
A urinalysis cannot be performed for 12 hours. What is the best way to preserve this urine? Refrigeration
What Chemistry test can be used to determine if a sample is urine? Creatinine
What Protein does the dipstick detect? Albumin
What ketones do the dipstick detect? Acetone and Acetoacetate
Why is the detection of Ascorbic Acid so important in urinalysis? Ascorbic acid causes interferences in multiple tests
Created by: mstanley