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Humn exam 2 define

Humn exam 2 definitions

Definition of Tyranny favored commercial classes who try & hold power
Definition of Acropolis fortified high ground
Definition of oligarchy ruled by few
Identify Herodotus "Father of History" & 1st historian
Identify Sappho a female poet who expressed her love for another woman on the island of Lesbo
Definition of Areopagus prestigious governing council of ancient Athens
Definition of ostracism political technique of Greece people believed to be threats to city-state were chosen for exile by popular vote; written on pottery & exile last 10 yrs
Definition of Marathon memory of Philippicles 26 mile run from Marathon to Athens
Identify Xeres Darius' sucessor who invaded Marathon
Definition of Thermopylae gateway for Persian army
Identify the Delian League defensive league compromised of Aegean coast & islands
Identify Helots serf in ancient Sparta aka slave
Identify Alcibiades 450-414 self-serving Athenian political leader & general whose traitorous act ruined Athens
Definition of Socratic Method method of arriving at the truth by question and disputation
Identify Thuadides 460-400 BC Athenian historian
Definition of fascade front of building also sides if emphasized architecturally
Definition of colonade series of columns usually spanned or connected by lintels
Definition of portico porch with a roof supported by columns & pilasters
Definition of flute vertical channeling concave in shape used principally on columns & pilasters
Definition of cella windowless rectangular shape
Definition of caryotid sculptured maidens who replace customary columns
Definition of Ictinus principal architect of Parthenon
Identify Myron sculptor of the Golden Age who did original Discus thrower
Identify Phidias sculptor who celebrated gold &^ ivory cult statue during the Archaic Age. Completed the huge statue of Athena in Parthenon cell & original of Athena Lemnia
Identify Polyclitus a sculptor who tried to formulate a canon (body of rules) for proportions of human figure during the Golden Age & did the original Spear Bearer
Identify Praxiteles sculptor in the Late Classical Age who perhaps did Hermes & the Dionysus
Identify classical period describes a period of Greek history in which it's cultural achievements heightened
Definition of humanism idea that human beings are primary measure of all things
Definition of idealism ideas over reality like perfect forms excluding blemishes
Definition of rationalism external principles prevail over emotional & transitory phases of life
Definition of protagonist central character
Definition of mode scales constructed by adjusting the pitch of tones within the octave
Definition of stasimon "stationary chorus" Greek tragedy in song sung by them
Definition of tragic or dramatic irony protagonist is unaware of vital information & the audiences knows this information
Definition of katharsis "purgation" of emotions as one identifies with the tragedy
Created by: midnight1854