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8BShort Stories Test

Lemon Brown, My Two Dads,Golden Glass,...etc

the main reason Greg wants to join the scorpians. Its because he loves basketball
How does Gregs dad view him? Irresponsible He thinks his eduction is more important than sports.
At first what does Lemon Brown believe Greg is doing in the apartment? Lemon thinks that Greg is a threat and trying to steal his treasure.
Why did Lemon Browns career as a blues singer go downhill life was good to him for a while and you can not sing the blues if you are happy.
Having spent time with Lemon how does Greg feel about his dad? Ready to face his dad. Greg understands his dads frustration and knows how much he loves him.
What is the theme of "The Treasue of Lemon Brown"? what true "treasure" is
When she was young, what was the most unusual thing about Marie Lee's dad? He was a doctor
What are Marie Lee's feelings about being Korean when she is growing up? she didn't think about it much
What surprises Marie about her father how Korean he is
Marie's cousin's don't laugh at her story because They don't understand it
What role does Vida play in Ted's plan She just gives him a couple of rules
As Ted grows up and changes, Vida is careful to give him his privacy
Ted realizes his mother Has needs and desires of her own
What were Teds first nights in the fort like? He was nervous
How is Ted feeling by the end of the summer? He was ready to move back into the house
Ernie was upset with Yollie, because She suddenly disappeared.
What is Yollie's relationship with her mother like? Friendly They are very close and get along most of the time. It's almost as if they are best friends instead of mother and daughter.
What is Yollie's reaction after the dance? She kicked the dress and yelled at her mother
What was Mrs. Moreno saving money for? She was saving money for Yollie so she could go to college.
What was Martins Response to his Grandpa's arrival He was embarresed and protective
What was Grandpa's reaction to Martins embarrassment. he understood
Why did Grandpa leave the reservation? to pass on the medicine bag
When Greg's dad talks about his childhood Greg feels Bored
What has happed to Grandpa by the end of the story? He died
Martin doesn't want his friends to meet Grandpa, because Grandpa might not meet their expectations
Grandpa shakes Martin's hand, because it is Sioux custom
How are Yollie and the narrator in Chanclas alike Both feel ashamed of an article of clothing
The narrator in "Chanclas" doesn't get new shoes, because her mother forgot
The narrator in "Chanclas" assumes people think she looks weird because of her shoes.
The shoes add humor, because the narrator can't think about anything else.
Yollie expects the dress to not look as expected
Greg and Ted both learn more about a parent
Vida notices that Ted is more content and independent living in the fort
Ted expects his mother to be upset with his plan to live outside
How many dads does Marie Lee have Just one
Hearing about her father's struggle to survive make Marie feel proud of her dad for surviving
When Marie Lee arrives in Korea. the main conflict is that she doesn't fit into the society
What increases most during Marie's trip her admiration for the Korean people and the struggles they had
at the end of the story Marie can be described as a dynamic character



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