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Suffix 1Suffix 2
able able to, likely
age process, state, rank
ance act, condition, fact
arch rule
ard one that does excessively
ate having, showing
ation action, state, result
cy state, condition
dom state, rank, condition
en cause to be, become
er one who does
esce become, grow, continue
esque in the style of, like
ess feminine
fic making, causing
ful full of, marked by
fy make, cause, cause to have
hood state, condition
ible able, likely, fit
ion action, result, state
ish suggesting, like
ism act, manner, doctrine
ist doer, believer
ition action, state, result
ity state, quality, condition
ize make, cause to be, treat
less lacking, w/o
like like, similar
logue type of speaking or writing
ly like, of the nature of
ment means, result action
ness quality, state
or doer, office, action
ous marked by, given to
ship the art or skill of
some apt to, showing
th act, state, quality
tude quality, state, result
ty quality, state
ward in the direction of
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