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Religion Period 4

Chapter 1 Test on Early Jewish Life, Vocab, and Map

The holy book of the Christians and very important to Islam and Jews Bible
The stories of the relation of God to the Jewish people Old Testament/Hebrew Scripture
the stories of the early Christians and their relationship with Jesus New Testament
the first five books in the Bible Pentateuch
the first book of the Bible that tells of the creationof the world, people and the Jews under Abraham. Abraham is the father of the Jewish people Genesis
the second book of the Bible that tells of the jews leaving Egypt(slavery) for the Holy Land (Israel) Exodus
the third book in the Bible the book of laws Example: Kosher food laws Leviticus
the fourth book in the Bible. The book of census data, and building plans. Numbers
the fifth book of the Bible. The book that containsthe death of Moses and summarizes the important points in the first four books. Deuteronomy
the earliest name of the Jews,it means wanderer Hebrews
the name of the Jews during the Exodus Israelites
the name today comes from the term Judah Jews
this word after a word means the people of ite
earliest name for Israel. Other names for Israel are Holy Land, Promised Land, and Palestine Canaan
Jewish name for God. I means "I am who I am". The Jews believed God was everlasting. Yahweh
evil god of the Babylonians. (child sacrifice) Baal
God will make himself known to people through other people,prayer,and nature. Revelations
the time before there were written records prehistory
the teaching authority of the Church or Catholic Church magisterium
the Holy Spirit made sure that the authors of the Bible wrote all that was needed for salvation inspiration
not important in the Old Testament. But important in the New Testament for the Romans had conquered Israel. Italy
(Great Sea) important for food in the Old Testament times. Mediterranean
the richest most powerful country at this time. It had food to sell. Egypt
best natural resource of the Egyptians used for irrigation. Food and transportation Nile River
sea that Moses will lead the Jews over to freedom Red Sea
where Moses recieved the Ten commandments Mt. Sinai
not important in the Old Testament times Saudi Arabia
the Jews pictured the Garden of Eden to be here. Fertile Land Tigris and Euphrates rivers
enemy of the Jews Babylonia
city where Abraham was born. Ur
is an evil city of Babylonia (child sacrifices to Baal) Haran
a source of food Jesus performed many miracles here Sea of Gallilee
useless body of water Dead Sea
connects seas of Gallilee and dead. Jews was baptized. Jordan river
the Holy City and early capital of Israel. Jerusalem
Created by: rga1rocks13