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Playwrights, QB Nick


The Persians Aeshcylus
Seven Against Thebes Aeshcylus
The Oresteia Aeshcylus
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf Edward Albee
The American Dream Edward Albee
Three Tall Women Edward Albee
The Waters of Babylon John Arden
All Fall Down John Arden
The Clouds Aristophanes
The Wasps Aristophanes
The Birds Aristophanes
Lysistrata Aristophanes
Peter Pan John M. Barrie
What Every Woman Knows John M. Barrie
Waiting for Godot Samuel Beckett
Endgame Samuel Beckett
Happy Days Samuel Beckett
The Madness of King George 3 Alan Bennett
Beyond the Fringe Alan Bennett
Galileo Bertolt Brecht
Mother Courage and Her Children. Bertolt Brecht
The Good Person of Sezuan Bertolt Brecht
RUR Karel Capek
The Makropulos Affair Karel Capek
The Cherry Orchard Anton Chekov
Uncle Vanya Anton Chekov
The Three Sisters Anton Chekov
The Way of the World William Congreve
Blithe Spirit Noel Coward
Hay Fever Noel Coward
Private Lives Noel Coward
Murder in the Cathedral T.S. Elliot
The Cocktail Party T.S. Elliot
The Family Reunion T.S. Elliot
Medea Euripides
Electra (420 BC) Euripides
Iphigenia in Tauris Euripides
Faust Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
She Stoops to Conquer Oliver Goldsmith
The Little Foxes Lillian Hellman
Peer Gynt Henrik Ibsen
A Doll's House Henrik Ibsen
Hedda Gabler Henrik Ibsen
Picnic William Inge
Bus Stop William Inge
Come Back Little Sheba William Inge
My Son is a Splinded Driver William Inge
Rhinoceros Eugene Ionesco
The Bald Soprano Eugene Ionesco
Volpone Ben Johnson
The Alchemist Ben Johnson
Every Man His Honor Ben Johnson
Glengarry Glen Ross David Mamet
American Buffalo David Mamet
Tamburlaine The Great Christopher Marlowe
Dr. Faustus Christopher Marlowe
The Jew of Malta Christopher Marlowe
All My Sons Arthur Miller
Death of a Salesman Arthur Miller
The Crucible Arthur Miller
The Misfits Arthur Miller
Tartuffe Moliere( Jean-Babtiste Poquelin)
The Misanthrope Moliere( Jean-Babtiste Poquelin)
The Plough and the Stars Sean O'Casey
Juno and the Paycock Sean O'Casey
Long Days Journey Into Night Eugene O'Neill
The Hairy Ape Eugene O'Neill
The Emperor Jones Eugene O'Neill
Look Back in Anger John Osborne
The Entertainer John Osborne
Dejavu John Osborne
The Birthday Party Harold Pinter
The Caretaker Harold Pinter
The Homecoming Harold Pinter
Six Characters in Search of An Author Luigi Pirandello
The Phaedra Jean Racine
Berenice Jean Racine
Cyrano de Bergerac Edmon de Rostand
The Time of Your Life William Saroyan
Amadeus Peter Shaffer
Equus Peter Shaffer
Lettuce and Lovage Peter Shaffer
Driving Miss Daisy Alfred Uhry
The Heidi Chronicles Wendy Wasserstein
The Comedy of Errors William Shakespeare
Hamlet William Shakespeare
Love's Labour's Lost William Shakespeare
A Midsummer Night's Dream William Shakespeare
The Merchant of Venice William Shakespeare
As You Like It William Shakespeare
The Tempest William Shakespeare
All's Well That Ends Well William Shakespeare
Much Ado About Nothing William Shakespeare
Arms and the Man George Bernard Shaw
Man and Superman George Bernard Shaw
Pygmalion George Bernard Shaw
The Tooth of Crime Sam Sheperd
Fool For Love Sam Sheperd
The States of Shock Sam Sheperd
Buried Child Sam Sheperd
Barefoot in the Park Neil Simon
Lost in Yonkers Neil Simon
The Odd Couple Neil Simon
Antigone Sophocles
Oedipus Rex Sophocles
Electra Sophocles
Rosencrantz and Gildenstern Are Dead Tom Stoppard
The Real Inspector Hound Tom Stoppard
The Contractor David Storey
Home David Storey
The Changing Room David Storey
Cats Andrew Llyod Weber
Phantom of the Opera Andrew Llyod Weber
Les Miserables Andrew Llyod Weber
The Importance of Being Earnest Oscar Wilde
Lady Windermere's Fan Oscar Wilde
Our Town Thorton Wilder
The Skin of Our Teeth Thorton Wilder
A Steetcar Named Desire Tennessee Williams
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Tennessee Williams
The Glass Menagerie Tennessee Williams
Fences August Wilson
The Piano Lesson August Wilson
The Country Wife William Wycherly
The Plain Dealer William Wycherly
The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds Paul Zindel
Something Happened Joseph Heller
God Knows Josepfh Heller
Catch-22 Josepfh Heller
Player Piano Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Breakfast of Champions Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Slaughter-house Five Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
The Temple of My Familiar Alice Walker
The Color Purple Alice Walker
The House of the Seven Gables Nathaniel Hawthorne
The House of Bernada Alba Frederico Garcia Lorca
The House of Mirth Edith Wharton
The Antichrist Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzche
The Gay Science Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzche
The Sun Also Rises Ernest Hemingway
A Farewell to Arms Ernest Hemingway
The Ransom of Red Chief O. Henry
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Ken Kesey
The Tin Drum Gunter Grass
Crabwalk Gunter Grass
Dog Years Gunter Grass
Song of Hiawatha Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The secret Life of Walter Mitty James Thurber
My Life and Hard Times James Thurber
The Unicorn in the Garden James Thurber
Cat and Mouse Gunter Grass
The True-Born Englishman Daniel Defoe
The Shortest Way with the Dessenters Daniel Defoe
Robinson Crusoe Daniel Defoe
The Decameron Boccaccio
Darkness at Noon Arthur Koestler
A Book of Verses Edgar Lee Masters
Maximillian Edgar Lee Masters
Spoon River Anthology Edgar Lee Masters
Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand
Moby Dick Herman Melville
Ode on a Grecian Urn John Keats
The House of Mirth Edith Wharton
The Bhagavad-Gita Vyasa
Strange Interlude Eugene O'Neill
A Study In Scarlet Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
The Fountainhead Ayn Rand
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carroll
Great Expectations Charles Dickens
The Age of Innocence Edith Wharton
Madame Bovary Gustave Flaubert
Kubla Kahn Coleridge
Jane Erye Charlotte Bronte
Death in Venice Thomas Mann
Tender is the Night F. Scott Fitzgerald
Who is the Protagonist of Tender is the Night Dick Diver
The Count of Monte Cristo Alexander Dumas
Frankenstein Marry Shelley
Rape of the Lock Alexander Pope
Anna Karenina Leo Tolstoy
David Copperfeild Charle Dickens
Pilgrim's Progress John Bunyan
Crime and Punishment Dostoyevsky
The Prince Niccolo Machiavelli
Vanity Fair William Makepeace Thaceray
The Faerie Queen Spencer
Faust Goethe
Things Fall Apart Achebe
Finnegans Wake James Joyce
The Iliad Homer
Don Quixote Cervantes
Gulliver's Travels Johnathan Swift
Uncle Tom's Cabin Herriot Beecher Stowe
Paradise Lost John Milton
Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conna Doyle
One Hundred Years of Solitude Gabriel Garcia Marquez
The Aeneid Virgil
The Odyssey Homer
Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen
The Waste Land T.S. Elliot
The Canterbury Tales Geoffrey Chaucer
Candide, or Optimism Voltaire
The Divine Comedy Dante
The Jungle Upton Sinclair
The Satanic Verses Salman Rushdie
The Cunning Man Robertson Davies
Illusions Richard Bach
Mythago Wood Robert Holdstock
Suttre Cormac McCarthy
Mulengro Charles de Lint
My Antonia Willa Cather
Sometimes A Great Notion Ken Kesey
The Sheltering Sky Paul Bowles
A Farewell to Arms Ernest Hemingway
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Ken Kesey
Light In August William Faulkner
Brideshead Revisited Evelyn Waugh
Citizen of the Galaxy Robert Heinlein
Double Star Robert Heinlein
V Thomas Pynchon
It Stephen King
The Puppet Masters Robert Heinlein
Guilty Pleasures Laurell K. Hamilton
The Hunt For Red October Tom Clancy
Naked Lunch William S. Burroughs
Watership Down Richard Adams
Arrowsmith Sinclair Lewis
Farenheit 451 RAy Bradbury
At Swim-Two-Birds Flann O'Brien
The Call of the Wild Jack London
I, Claudius Robert Graves
Zen And The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Robert Pirsig
The Door Into Summer Robert Heinlein
The Magus John Fowles
The Wood Wife Terri Windling
Invisible Man Ralph Ellison
Tropic of Cancer Henry Miller
As I Lay Dying William Faulkner
The Haunting of Hill House Shirley Jackson
Something Wicked This Way Comes Ray Bradbury
The World According to Garp John Irving
the Sun Also Rises Ernest Hemingway
Starship Troopers Robert Heinlein
The Recognitions William Gaddis
The Little Country Charles de Lint
Ender's Game Orson Scott Card
Greenmantle Charles de Lint
A portrait of the Artist As A Young Man James Joyce
"The Ugly Duckling" Hans Christian Anderson
"The Little Mermaid" Hans Christian Anderson
The Fairy Tale of My Life Hans Christian Anderson
Rainsnakes is a play about this man. Hans Christian Anderson
"The Snow Queen" Hans Christian Anderson
"The Girl Who Trod on the Loaf" Hans Christian Anderson
"Wreck of the Deutschland" Gerard Manley Hopkins
"Pied Beauty" Gerard Manley Hopkins
"The Windhover" Gerard Manley Hopkins
This character was born the exact moment that India gained its independence, and is the main character in "Midnight's Children". Saleem Sinai
The Skeptical Chemist Robert Boyle
This man was exciled to Mexico in the 1940s for being a communist. He was born with the name, Neftali Reyes. Pablo Neruda
Twenty Love Songs and a Song of Despair Pablo Neruda
"Revolt of the Masses" Jose Ortega
"Adam in Paradise" Jose Ortega
"Quixote's Meditations" Jose Ortega
"Genius Child" Langston Hughes
"Me and the Mule" Langston Hughes
"High to Low" Langston Hughes
"The Weary Blues" Langston Hughes
"Montage of a Dream Deferred" Langston Hughes
The Last Temptation of Christ Nikos Kazantzakis
Zorba the Greek Nikos Kazantzakis
Hyperaspistes Erasmus
Handbook of a Christian Knight Erasmus
In Praise of Folly Erasmus
McTeague Frank Norris
The Octopus Frank Norris
Madame Bovary Gustave Flaubert
Salammbo Gustave Flaubert
A Sentimental Education Gustave Flaubert
The Day of the Locusts Nathaniel West
Miss Lonelyhearts Nathaniel West
Snow Country Kawabata Yasunari
Thousand Cranes Kawabata Yasunari
Buchanan Dies John Updike
Toward the End of Time John Updike
The Traffic of Algiers Cervantes
Exemplary Tales Cervantes
The Little Prince Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Night Flight Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Southern Mail Antoine de Saint-Exupery
"My Candle Burns At Both Ends" Edna St. Vincent Millay
Make Bright the Arrows Edna St. Vincent Millay
The Bride of Lamermoor Sir Walter Scott
Rob Roy Sir Walter Scott
"The Lady of the Lake" Sir Walter Scott
Ivanhoe Sir Walter Scott
Master and Margarita Mikhail Bulgakov
The White Guard Mikhail Bulgakov
The Heart of a Dog Mikhail Bulgakov
The Great Divorce C.S. Lewis
Surprised by Joy C.S. Lewis
Mere Christianity C.S. Lewis
The Screwtape Letters C.S. Lewis
Wallenstein Friedrich von Schiller
William Tell Friedrich von Schiller
The Robbers Friedrich von Schiller
"Ode to Joy" Friedrich von Schiller
The Mayflower Harriet Beecher Stowe
The Unbearable Lightness of Being Milan Kundera
The Book of Laughter and Forgetting Milan Kundera
The Joke Milan Kundera
Lolita Vladimir Nabakov
Despair Vladimir Nabakov
"The Darling Thrush" Thomas Hardy
"Hap" Thomas Hardy
"In Tenebris" Thomas Hardy
Tess of the d'Urbervilles Thomas Hardy
Far from the Madding Crowd Thomas Hardy
Death of a Naturalist Seamus Heaney
Station in the Island Seamus Heaney
Beowulf Seamus Heaney
Lady Chatterley's Lover D.H. Lawrence
The Rainbow D.H. Lawrence
The Plumed Serpent D.H. Lawrence
The First Man Albert Camus
The Stranger Albert Camus
The Myth of Sisyphus Albert Camus
This work is what inspired T.S. Eliot's "The Hollow Men" Heart of Darkness
George's Mother Stephen Crane
War is Kind Stephen Crane
The Black Riders Stephen Crane
"The Open Boat" Stephen Crane
Maggie: A Girl of the Streets Stephen Crane
The Red Badge of Courage Stephen Crane
Thirteen O'Clock Steven Vincent Benet
"The Sobbin Women" Steven Vincent Benet
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Steven Vincent Benet
The Devil and Daniel Webster Steven Vincent Benet
"Laboratory" Robert Browning
"My Last Duchess" Robert Browning
"Porphyria's Lover" Robert Browning
Forsyte Saga John Galsworthy
Karen Blixen wrote under this pseudonym. Isak Dineson
Out of Africa Isak Dineson
The Vampire Chronicles Anne Rice
Interview with the Vampire Anne Rice
Queen of the Damned Anne Rice
"In Flanders Fields" John McCrae
The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test Tom Wolfe
This author wrote under the pseudonym Dod Grile Ambroce Bierce
Nuggest and Dust Panned Out in California Ambroce Bierce
The Devil's Dictionary Ambroce Bierce
An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge Ambroce Bierce
Lord of the Flies William Golding
Rites of Passage William Golding
The Brass Butterfly William Golding
Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offenses Mark Twain
"A murder, a mystery, and a Marriage" Mark Twain
Eugene Onegin Alexandr Pushkin
Boris Godunov Alexandr Pushkin
The Gypsies Alexandr Pushkin
"The Bridegroom" Alexandr Pushkin
The Bronze Horseman Alexandr Pushkin
Fiasco Imre Kertesz
Fateless Imre Kertesz
Kaddish for a Child Not Born Imre Kertesz
Democracy and Education John Dewey
My Pedagogic Creed John Dewey
Main Street Sinclair Lewis
Arrowsmith Sinclair Lewis
Babbit Sinclair Lewis
Elmer Gantry Sinclair Lewis
Life Among the Savages Shirley Jackson
Raising Demons Shirley Jackson
The Haunting of Hill House Shirley Jackson
"The Lottery" Shirley Jackson
Harmonium Wallace Stevens
"Domination in Black" Wallace Stevens
"Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird" Wallace Stevens
"The Emperor of Ice-Cream" Wallace Stevens
Four Books on Architecture Andrea Palladio
The Antiquities of Rome Andrea Palladio
Dead Souls Nikolai Gogol
The Inspector General Nikolai Gogol
Arabeski Nikolai Gogol
Mirgorod Nikolai Gogol
The Joke Milan Kundera
The Book of Laughter Milan Kundera
The Unbearable Lightness of Being Milan Kundera
A Boy's Will Robert Lee Frost
This man read at J.F.K.'s inauguration Robert Lee Frost
Zin and the Art of Motorcycle Maintence Robert Persing
Whats the Matter With Kansas Thomas Franks
The Theory of Moral Sentiments Adam Smith
Barrack - Room Ballads Rudyard Kipling
"It is better to be feared than loved," is a quote that comes from this work. The Prince
The Cardinal's Mistress Benito Mussilini
This is the protaganist of "Brave New World" Bernard Marx
Brave New World Aldous Huxley
The Elements of Law Thomas Hobbes
The Elements of Philosophy Thomas Hobbes
Breakfast at Tiffany's Truman Capote
In Cold Blood Truman Capote
Other Voices Truman Capote
Other Rooms Truman Capote
Rainsnakes P. O. Enquist
The House of the Dead Dostoyevsky
The Idiot Dostoyevsky
Brawny Male Edna St. Vincent Millay
Protagonist of The Awakening Edna Pontellier
Alter ego of Anthony Burgess. F. X. Enderby
Precaution James Fenimoore Cooper
The Spy James Fenimoore Cooper
The Leather Stocking Tales James Fenimoore Cooper
He was often called "The Jew that Shakespeare Drew," and was famous for the quote "If you prick us, do we not bleed?" Shylock
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