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Pre FAA Test

Desiderio Tower Pre FAA Exam Study Guide

When shall tower issue "CHECK WHEELS DOWN" to fixed wing aircraft? at an appropriate place in the pattern
What means shall local and ground controllers utilize to exchange information as necessary? verbal means, flight progress strips, other written information, or automation displays
How will controllers describe vehicles, personnel, or equipment on or near the movement area? in a manner which will assist pilots in recognizing them
What is the intent of "Taxi into position and hold"? to position an aircraft for imminent departure
What is the phraseology to clear an aircraft for takeoff from a non-movement area? PROCEED AS REQUESTED. USE CAUTION (reason and additional instructions as appropriate). DEPARTURE FROM (requested location) WILL BE AT YOUR OWN RISK (reason and additional instructions, as necessary)
Unless requested by the pilot, do not issue downwind takeoffs if the tailwind exceeds __ knots. 5
What is the purpose of the A-511 Airfield SOP? to standardize operations at Desiderio Army Airfield; minimize the institutional knowledge lost through frequent personnal turnover; and communicate common expectations of aviation operations procedures to tenant and transient aviation customers
What are the VFR minimums in A-511's airspace? Visibility - 3 miles Ceiling - 1000 ft
What are the SVFR minimums? Rotary Wing: Day- 1/2 mile visibility/500ft ceiling Night- 1 mile visibility/1000ft ceiling Fixed Wing: Day and Night- 2 miles visibility/1000ft ceiling
During SVFR operations aircraft must: a. maintain visual reference to the ground b. adhere to SVFR routes and reporting/holding points as published in DOD FLIP c. remain at or below 1500 and clear of clouds d. request SVFR departure/entry/transition
Where are departure procedures published? DOD FLIP (terminal), VRF Arrival/ Departure Routes Korea
What does the local flying area include? the control zone, pinnacle areas 1-4, LZ Elbow, Maintenance Test Flight Valley, and additional airspace outlined by easily discernable terrain and man made features.
What is the transition altitude? 2000 ft MSL
What is the fixed wing traffic pattern procedure? Standard pattern in NE of the runway regardless of runway in use; pattern altitude is 1500 MSL
What is the rotary wind traffic pattern procedure? standard pattern is SW of the runway regardless of runway in use; pattern altitude for aided traffic is 500 MSL, for unaided traffic is 800 MSL
What are departure and arrival headings for M1? Departure: 2-9-0 Arrival: 1-1-0
Is mixed aided/unaided traffic authorized? No. Except for AH-64s
What is the mission of A-511 Tower? To provide safe, orderly, and expeditious flow of traffic in A-511s airspace; to provide weather information and flight floowing services to aircraft operating in the local area.
What is the Title of FM 3.04-303? Air Traffic Services, Facility Operations, Training and Maintenance Standardization
What is the title of AR 95-2? Air Traffic Control, Airspace, Airfields/Heliports, Flight Activities, and NAVAIDS
What is the title of AR 40-8? Temporary Flying Restrictions due to Exogenous Factors Effecting Aircrew Efficiency
What is your Operational Priority? Provide air traffic control services to aircraft on a first come first served basis except for Emergencies, MEDEVAC (verbally requested), Presidintial flights, and Flight Check
When should you issue a Safety Alert When you are aware that the aircraft is in a position/altitude which, in your judgement, places it in unsafe proximity to terrain, obstructions, or other aircraft.
What is your duty priority? Give first priority to separating aircraft and issuing safety alerts.
What does CAT stand for? Clear Air Turbulence
Define: Shall Should May or Need not Will Shall- mandatory Should- reccomended May or need not- optional Will- implies futurity
Define Aircraft Airframe, crew members, or both
Decode the following strip markings: E, F, L, RCH, S E- Emergency F- Flight Check L- LOGAIR RCH- Air Mobility Command S- Special Air Mission
What are the 8 reasons for requesting a PIREP Ceiling below 5000 Visibility less than 5 miles Thunderstorm or related phenomena Wind Shear Volcanic Ash Braking Action Advisories in effect Icing of a light degree or greater Turbulence of a moderate degree or greater
What is the minimum information you are required to obtain in an Emergency? Aircraft type and ID Nature of emergency Pilot's Desires
What does ATIS stand for and what should it be reviewed for? Automatic Terminal Information System completeness, accuracy, speech rate, and proper enunciation.
What shall ATC services be based upon? known or observed traffic and airport conditions
How shall Braking Action be described? Terms good, fair, poor, nil
How shall Icing be described? Terms trace, light, moderate, severe
How shall turbulence be described? Terms light, moderate, heavy, severe
Define: Hover Taxi Air Taxi Hover taxi- below 20 knots in ground effect Air Taxi- above 20knots and below 100 ft AGL
Decode: HIRL PAPI REIL High Intensity Runway Light Presision Approach Path Indicator Runway End Indicator Lights
When should you authorize transfer of radio communication? before an aircraft enters receiving controller's area of jurisdiction.
What must be established prior to an aircraft entering the Class D service area? 2-way Radio communication
Decode Callsigns: A, C, G, R, VM, CFC, CTG Air Force, Coast Guard, ARMY National Guard, Army, Marines, Canadian forces, Canadian Coast Guard
What information shall be given to aircraft performing an overhead manuever. Pattern altitude and direction of traffic
Define Fog miniature droplets of water or ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere with no visible downward motion. High relative humidity, light wind, and condensation, are needed to form fog.
Decode: SH TS FZ MI PR BC DR BL DZ RA SN SG IC PL GR GS showers, thunderstorms, freezing, shallow, partial, patches, low drifting, blowing, drizzle, rain, snow, snow grains, ice crystals, ice pellets, hail, snow pellets
Define prevailing visibility the greatest distance that can be determined through 180 degrees or more of the horizon circle, need not be continuous
What are the four types of weather forecasts? METAR, SPECIAL, LOCAL, ALERT
What does TAF stand for and how long is it valid? Terminal Aerodome forecast, valid 24 hours
What are the four phases of training? Indoctrination, Primary Knowledge, Position Qualification, and Facility Rating
What are three types of training? Qualification, Proficiency, and Remedial
When are Aided and Unaided traffic given priority? Monday, Wednesday, Friday - Aided Tuesday, Thursday- Unaided Weekend- first come, first served
What are the operating procedures for the slope areas? remain 200ft from runway and monitor tower frequencies - there can only be one aircraft in each slope area at a time
What days are fixed wing aircraft given priority? Tuesday and Thursday
How long are controllers restricted from duty after: consuming alcohol discontinued use of antihistamines 200cc or more blood donation after immunizations 12 hours 24 hours 72 hours 12 hours
What are the pre-duty requirements? bulletin board, read and initial file, equipment checks, position briefing (controllers must review 3502-R of previous 2 shifts)
What are the VFR Checkpoints? CP1- 3.5 NM NE OSAN SE- 6 NM NE CP 2- 4NM E CP RIVER BRIDGE- CP 3- 3.5 NM W CP DAM- 7.2 NM SW CP LAKE- 4.8 NM SW CP SONGWHAN- 5.5 NM S CP 4- 4 NM N OSAN SW- 6NM NW
Who do we notify in case of a KAOZ line outage? Crown Microwave
Who may declare an emergency? pilot, facility personnel, or officials responsible for the operation of the aircraft
What means are used to orientate an aircraft? Direction Finder, RADAR, Pilotage, Sighting by other aircraft, NAVAIDS
What is Anticipated separation? (departures) Takeoff clearance need not be withheld until prescribed separation exists if there is a reasonable assurance that it will exist before the aircraft starts takeoff roll
What is anticipated separation? (arrivals) Landing clearance between succeeding aircraft need not be withheld if you observe the positions of the aircraft and determine that the prescribed runway separation will exist when the aircraft cross the landing threshold
Who issues NOTAMS? Base Ops
What are the initial approach altitudes? ILS: 3000' VOR: 3000' PAR: 2000'
How long are the following forms retained? DA Form 3502-R, DA Form 3502-1-R, DA Form 3503-R, Tapes, Incident Records, Accident Records, Training Record 1 Calendar Month 1 Year 1 Calendar Month 15 Days 30 Days at least 6 months Permanent
What are the 5 classifications of ATC facilities? ATCT- Air traffic control tower GCA- Ground Controlled Approach AIC- Army Airspace Information Center AAC- Army Approach Control ARAC- Army RADAR approach control
What is SVFR separation? SVFR helicoptor and arr/dep IFR a/c: 1/2 mile if less than 1 mile from the airport. 1 mile if 1 mile or more. 1 mile SVFR helicoptors may be reduced to 200 ft if they are departing simultaneously on diverging courses of 30 degrees and tower determines
Define a visual approach ATC authorization for aircraft on an IFR flight plan to proceed visually to airport of intended landing
Describe the ILS critical areas Localizer- 2000' ft front, 150' on each side, 50' behind Glideslope- 45 degree fan shape from antenna to far edge of taxiway alpha. Protected if ceiling below 800 and visibility less than 2 miles and the approach is in use.
What are the VOR receiver checkpoints 11.5 NM NE on heading 168 oubound at 2000' 12 NM NE on heading 087 outbound at 2000'
What are the stations on the Primary Crash Alarm System? Post Fire, Base Ops, 168th Hospital, 3-2 MEDEVAC, Military Police, and Tower
What is the purpose of the FAA JO 7110.65? Prescribes ATC procedures and phraseology for those individuals providing ATC services.
What is the primary purpose of the ATC service? to prevent collision between aircraft operating in the sytem and to organize and expedite the flow of traffic; to provide support for Homeland Security and National Defense.
Phraseology: "Immediately" "Expedite" Expeditious compliance is required to avoid and imminent situation. Expeditious compliance is required to avoid the development of an imminent situation.
What is the title of DA Form 3479-R/3479-1-R? Training and Proficiency Record- Air Traffic Cotroller/ Trainee Controller Evaluation
What are the dimentions of runway 32 and 14? 32- 6026' DT 545' OR 1553' 150'Wide 14- 6026' dt 1553' OR 545' 150'Wide
What are the Interphone priorities? 1. Emergencies 2. Clearance and Control instructions 3. Movement and Control messages including progress reports, flight plans, and dep/arr reports 4. Movement messages on VFR aircraft
What are the Hazardous Cargo Procedures? 1. Determine type of cargo and if refuel is requested 2. Notify base ops, fire dept, MPs (if overnight), and airfield commander 3. Follow directions of airfield commander 4. Park fixed winged on MOC C NW Rotary Wing on Safe Haven Pad
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