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2R151 V2


A communications network used by a single organizations over a limited area that permits users to interconnect with each other via their computers is called a local area network (LAN)
The local area network (LAN) component that provides services to the users on the network is known as the server
Which statement best describes a feature of the Air Force Portal (AFP)? locate AF personnel through AF white pages
The main advantage of the Air Force Portal (AFP) to the maintenance user is the ability to access all maintenance information systems through a common browser
What are the three major functions performed by the Global Combat Support System - Air Force (GCSS-AF)? Data integrator, informaiton provider, and data provider
When a user saves a report within the Global Combat Support System - Air Force (GCSS-AF), where is the data stored? Repository
What is the standard Air Force System for maintenance production support and the collection and processing of equipment maintenance information? Integrated Maintenance Data System (IMDS)
What system provides the majority of data to the Reliability and Maintainability Information System (REMIS)? Integrated Maintenance data System (IMD)
What system provides aerospace vehicle maintenance, equipment inventory status, and utilization data to the Reliability and Maintainability Informaiton System (REMIS)? Integrated Maintenance Data System (IMDS)
Which is a subsystem of the Reliability and Mainainability Information system (REMIS)? Generic Configuration Status Accounting Subsystem
What maintenance information system serves as an engine management system at both base and depot level for USAF turbine engines and modules? Comprehensive Engine Management System
How many segments of the Comprehensive Engine Management System (CEMS) are there? 2
The base level segment of the Comprehensive Engine Management System (CEMS) serves as the initial collection point for what two major types of engine data? Engine status and component operational data
What Comprehensive Engine Management System (CEMS) application is used to update status and configuration data? Information Management System (IMS)
What Comprehensive Engine Management System (CEMS) application is used for requestingproducts form the database and is used to browse, submit, and view products out of CEMS? Time Sharing Option (TSO)
Which of the following major commands (MAJCOM) other than Air Mobility Command (AMC) uses G081? Air Education and Training Command (AETC)
In addition to maintenance management, G081 is also used to aid in supply management, personnel management, and training management
A database structure where the records exist on different levels, providing multiple ways users can access data is called a hierarchal record
What are the two database environments in G081? Production and test
The Maintenance Operations Center (MOC) is responsible for coordinating ramp movement, aircraft movement, aircraft launch, and launch and recovery
G081 graphical user interfaces (GUI) on-line help is accessed from any GUI program by left clicking on the G081 Help button at the top of the screen
After reviewing an on-line system deficiency report, up to how many working days are G081 managers allowed to concur or nonconcur? 5
The maintenance scheduling applicaton tool (MSAT) logon is controlled through a network authentication process
Which career field is responsible to build query language programs (QLPs) or demand background programs which are used to retrieve data or test files for the maintenance scheduling application tool (MSAT)? Maintenance Analysis
What program is used within Micro Windows to extract data from existing reports generated from Integrated Maintenance Data System, Reliability Maintainability Information Systems, Comprehensive Engine Management Systems or Standard Base Supply System? Monarch
Monarch will save you time since you will not have to re-key information
Users can view the maintenance scheduling application tool (MSAT) information or create reports by selecting the appropriate menu and the desired data elements from lists of values (LOV) - commonly called drop down menus
What program works with the maintenance scheduling application tool (MSAT) to automatically retrieve appropriate base level data to produce critical, detailed reports used to generate and deploy, and enhance day-to-day operations? Monarch
Which maintenance scheduling application tool (MSAT) menu enables a user to access maintenance scheduling effectiveness (MSE), AF Form 2005, Issue/Turn-In Request, and aircraft configuration management? Maintenance
What maintenance scheduling application tool (MSAT) menu provides query options to produce sorties and hours flown reports for aircraft and engines via the sorties and hours flown window? Flying Hour
How many time compliance technical order (TCTO) categories are authorized? Three
What are the authorized types of time compliance technical orders (TCTO)? Immediate, routine, and urgent
What time compliance technical order (TCTO) is issued under conditions which could result in injury to personnel, damage to property or unacceptable reductions in combat efficiency? Urgent
What type of time compliance technical order (TCTO) involves degrees of risk considered to be tolerable within broad time limits? routine
In order to permit simultaneous release of two or more time compliance technical orders (TCTO) requiring work in the same general area, procuring activities are authroized to withhold the release of nonsafety routine action TCTOs for a maximum of 90 days
What type of time compliance technical order (TCTO) is issued for a specific part or serial numbered item? commodity
Who is responsible to establish time compliance technical order (TCTO) series headers for each classification of TCTO issued? Technical Order manager
Supplements to basic time compliance technical orders (TCTO) containing the letters A and B are reserved for which type of supplement? classified
The data code on all time compliance technical orders (TCTO) and supplements is located in the upper right corner of the first page and below the TO number
Who will perform an initial evaluation of incoming time compliance technical orders (TCTO) to determine applicability against a unit's equipment? Quality assurance
The Maintenance Operations Flight (MOF) Plans, Scheduling, and Documentation (PS&D) will brief the maintenace group each week of any unaccomplished time compliance technical orders (TCTO), within how many days of grounding? 30
The time compliance technical order (TCTO) managing agency will attend what monthly supply TCTO meeting? Reconciliation
Who will develop a master time compliance technical order (TCTO) folder for all TCTO folders to mirror? Maintenance Operations Flight Plans, Scheduling and Documentation
What air force Computer Systems Manual (AFCSM) will assist you in loading atime compliance technical order (TCTO) into the Integrated Maintenance Data System? AFCSM 21-568V2
When a maintenance event is loaded and scheduled in the Inegrated Maintenance Data system, what does IMDS assign to that event? Job control number
How many characters make up a job control number (JCN)? 12
What transaction identifier code (TRIC) is used to schedule an end item time compliance technical order (TCT)) or commodity TCTO? TCTO scheduling (ZST)
Which Integrated Maintenance Data System on-line inquiry allows you to print the basic time compliance technical order record and shop loads in sequential order? TCTO record print/shop inquiry (TCP)
Which Integrated Maintenance Data system background report lists time compliance technical orders that are currently open, in progress, or held in suspense (but workable) status? Worable TCTO report (WTR)
Which Integrated Maintenance Data System background product provides a detailed report on time compliance technical roder summary status data for a unit within a specified time frame? TCTO summary report (TSS)
Which Integrated Maintenance Data System background report will provide a listing of complied with time compliance technical order (TCTO) within a specified time frame? Serial number detail report (STL)
When will accessories designated as time change items be replaced? At specified intervals
What conference will review time change items that because of accessibility or other factors may be candidates for depot change? Annual workload conference
What technical order (TO) provides procedures for forecasting replacement requirements for select calendar and hourly time change items such as cartridge actuated device/propellant actuated devices and life sustaining items? TO 00-20-9
The expiration date for both the service and shelf life on life sustaining or cartridge/propellant actuated device items will be the last day of the expiration month
Each year when cartridge/propellant actuated device items are forcecasted annually to the item manager, what month and day will the forecast be submitted 01 August
The primary method for cartridge/propellant actuated device forecast submission is the automated or manual Air Force Technical Order Form AFTO 223
Who will forecast all work unit code 97XXX items contained in the Integrated Maintenace Data system data base using screen 490, TRIC TCF, Selected Calendar and Time Chagne Item Forecasting? Maintenance Operations Flight Plans, Scheduling and documentation
For quarterly munitions requisitioning in the Continental United States, when is the earliest requisition date for parts required in January - March? 1 November
For quarterly munitions requistioning in the Continental United States, when is the earliest requisition date for parts required in April - June? 1 February
When a cartridge/propellant actuated device time change is replaced, the service life of the old part must be less than or equal to how many months so muntions operations will not reissue the part? 9
What transaction identifier code (TRIC) is used to load performing workcenters to established job standards and will let you change, inquire, delete workcenter information? Job flow package shop data load/change/inquirey/delete (JFF).
What is the maximum number of characters which can be assigned to a job standard number? five
Who will provide a list of items identified as out-of-configuration to the dock chief in the pre-dock package for verification and correction during the major inspection? Plans, Scheduling and documentation
The Integrated Maintenance Data System configuration subsystem is called the Generic Configuaratin Status and Accounting system
For those aircraft that do not currently have an established configuration table, what Integrated Maintenance Data System transaction identifier code will be used to validate installed items against the data in IMDS TRIC PTI (screen 810)
Which transaction identifier code is used to load, change, delete, and inquire inspections, time changes, and profiles for all equipment and establishes inspection or time change requirements for an item of equipment Inspection load/change/delete/inquiry all equipment except engines (ISP)
What background transaction identifier code (TRIC) is used to list maintenance requirments and forecasts fo time change and inspections for equipment specified in the input? Planning requirements (PRAs)
What transaction identifier code (TRIC) provides the current operating time for equipment and parts? Current operating time report (COT)
What transaction identifier code is used to load, change, inquire, and delete the basic equipment identification information for part/serial numbered items? Part/serial number load/inquiry/delete
Which transaction identifier code is used to establish an automated significiant history on assigned equipment? Automated history entry (AHE)
What transaction identifier code retrieves historical data for a specified type of equipment and a specific piece of equipment and its installed-on items? Significant historical data
What symbol indicates the condition of the equipment is unknown and a more serious condition may exist? RED -
What symbol is entered in the appropriate maintenance documents immediately upon receipt of an urgent action or category I, routine action safety modification time compliance technical order? RED /
What Air Force technical order form is used to document maintenance status, servicing information, and provides reference as to the status of aerospace vehicle? 781H
What air Force technical order form is used to list calendar and hourly inspection items peculiar to the aerospace vehicle or equipment if space is not available on the AFTO Form 781K? 781D
What itme is required to be kept in the jacket file? AFTO Form 95
Who do you contact when equipment is received with an incomplete jacket file? losing organization
What Air Force techical order form is used to document significant historical maintenance actions? 95
What form is used to ensure an aerospace vehicle is complete and that all correctable discrepancies are complete? AFTO Form 345
An aircraft document review (ADR) for units using fully automated Air Force Technical Order (AFTO) 781-series forms is accomplished at least every 60 days
For cannibalization aircraft, you will conduct an aircraft document review (ADR) at least every 30 days
The person who provides the Propulsion Product Group Manager with command directives on the Comprehensive Engine Management System reporting is the Command Engine manager
The stock record account number (SRAN) engine manager (EM) is appointed by the Maintenance Group Commander
If there are any changes to the stock record account number directory, who will inform Okalhoma City-Air Logistics Center? Command Engine manager
Who is the focal point for reporting all engine related matters on base? Stock record account number engine manager
What uses a system of inspection and testing techniques to determine the condition of an engine? Reliability centered maintenance
what publication provides information and instructions for handling and shipping air Force engines? TO 00-85-20
What publication provides operating limits used to manage engines? TO 2-1-18
What publication describes the propulsion management responsibilities required to manage Air Force engines? AFI 21-104
What keeps track ofengine data in the Integrated Maintenance Data System and tells us where and how many parts are required Required item installation table
What screen numbers are associated with transcation identifier code tracked equipment removal? 828-830
Which term is not a method of collecting accumulated hour and event data? Radio telecommunications
What inquiry is used to requiest general engine data and event history recorder information on engines which are tracked either locally or by the Comprehensive Engine Management System On line engine inquiry
If the engine data plate is not accessible during the physical inventory what action is taken? Review AFTO Form 95s
Any error(s) listed in part one of the Engine Managers Data List will appear on the first processing day recognized and will not reappear for how many days to give engine managers proper response time? 5
How often is the data base reconciliation listing for time compliance technical order status accomplished on engines? Quarterly
What are three types of condition codes used when reporting engine status? Servicable, reparable, and installed
What publication provides information pertaining to the next logical sequence of transactions for engine reporting TO 00-25-254-1
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