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Words with Many Uses

QuestionSentenceTarget Word
What word in this sentence means "to cover" or "to disguise?" She used lemons to mask the odor. mask
Which word is used to describe a fragile state of being? She looks like a mere ghost of her former self. ghost
Which word means to look for with intensity? He rifled through the closet for his umbrella. rifled
Which word describes one who is lacking skill or knowledge? When it comes to meeting girls, Barry is a real turkey. turkey
Which word is really describing a terrific talent? Sue gives a wicked performance. wicked
Which word describes a draining effect? Mark's expensive taste in wine is a vampire on Kate's budget. vampire
What derivative of freeze is used to become unable to act or speak, as from fear? Sarah froze as soon after she walked on stage. froze
Which word describes one who eagerly pursues something? Manny is a gossip hound! hound
Which phrase describes a favorite or beloved? The youngest was the apple of her eye. ...apple of her eye.
Which word describes an agency out of control soon to destroy its creator? Mr. Jones's company became his frankenstien when the board fired him. frankenstein
Which word in this sentence means to make "new" again. My mother restored that old chair so well it looks like it was just purchsed in 1920. restored
Which word here describes a season? Fall is Sarah's favorite time of year. Fall
Which word describes a sensation of extreme attraction? Sally only listened to Linus because she was falling in love with him. falling
Which word describes a weakend resolve to a suggestion? Because Sally has strong feelings for Linus, she fell for his silly notion of The Great Pumpkin. fell
Created by: keelsn