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M Health Chapter 1

Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Health and Wellness Chapter 1 Studyguide Monroeville Eleme

What is the definition of grief? discomfort a person feels after a loss
What is the definition of self-statement? a reminder to yourself as to what you should do
What is the definition of risk behavior? an action that can be harmful to you and others
What is the definition of stress? the response to any demand on your mind or body
What is the definition of bored? feeling restless and not knowing what to do
What is the definition of health goal? something you work toward to help you become a healthier person
What are resistance skills? ways to say ‘no’ to risk behaviors
What is the definition of attitude? your way of thinking, acting, and feeling
What is the definition of character? the qualities that make you different
What is the definition of self-concept? what you think about yourself
What is the first step to managing stress? knowing the signs of stress
What is an example of a wrong decision? trying a risk behavior to beat boredom
What does your personality include? your thoughts, actions, and feelings
What is an example of a short-term goal? anything that involves trying to achieve a goal right away example: earning money to go to the movies next week
What are some healthy ways of expressing grief? crying, keeping a private journal, talking to your parent, etc.
What is the first step to making a responsible decision? identify your choices
Replacing negative thoughts and feelings with positive ones helps build_______________. your self-concept
Describe total health. made up of physical health, mental and emotional health, and family and social health
Name six traits shared by people with good character. trustworthy, respectful, responsible, fair, caring, and good citizens
Using ______ for managing stress can help reduce the effect of stress. steps
After someone dies, their loved ones feel a sense of_______. grief
The skills that help us say "no" to risk behaviors are called____________. resistance skills
Created by: monroeville