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Review and Enrichment for "Christmas and Wizard"

Root WordEnding AddedSentence
witchy Becomes an adjective. She is in a witchy mood.
rusty Becomes an adjective or someone's name. That car is very rusty. She likes to play with her dog, Rusty.
brainy An informal adjective. We think he is brainy because he likes math.
bravery Becomes a noun. He showed bavery in the storm. Her bravery is inspiring.
windy Becomes an adjective with two meanings. It is windy tonight. That contestant's speech was windy.
hearty Becomes an adverb with differnet meaning from root: Vigorous; robust: a hearty glow of health. He has a hearty appetite.
bully Root word: bull Meaning different from bully, but related to disposition of animal. The uncastrated adult male of domestic cattle. 公牛 That bull is snorting angrily. Ralphie got the best of the class bully.
oily Becomes an adjective. The Tin Man needs oily joints to move.
sticky Becomes an adjective with a couple of different meanings. Flick found himself in a sticky situation. That candy made my hands sticky.
snowy Becomes and adjective. I enjoy a snowy day. A polar bear has a snowy coat.
Created by: keelsn