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Astronauts and cosmonauts of the 20th century.

NameAccomplishmentsImportant Dates
Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin (American) became the second person to walk on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission. Born in 1930. Walked on the moon in 1969.
Neil Armstrong (American) Commander of the Apollo 11 mission and the first man to walk on the moon. Born in 1930. Walked on the moon in 1969.
Yuri Gagarin (Russian) First man to orbit the earth when his Vostok spacecraft orbited the earth. Lived from 1934 to 1968. Vostok orbited the earth on April 12, 1961.
John Glenn (American) First American in orbital flight when he orbited the earth three times in his Friendship 7 capsule. Later seved in the US senate as a Democrat. Became the oldest man in space when he boarded the space shuttle Discovery at the age of 77. Born in 1921. Orbited the earth in the Friendship 7 capsule in 1962.
Sally Ride (American) First woman in space. Born in 1951. Went into space in 1983.
Valentina Tereshkova (Soviet) First woman to orbit the earth aboard the Vostok 6. Born in 1937. Orbited the earth in 1963.
Alan Bartlett Shepard, Jr. (American) First American in space when he made a 15-minute sub-orbital flight in his Freedom 7. Later commanded Apollo 14 mission and became the 5th man to walk on the moon. Born in 1923. First American in space on May 5, 1961.
Edward Higgins White (American) First American to perform extravehicular activity in space. Killed with his crewmates Virgil Grissom and Roger Chaffee by a preflight fire. Lived from 1930 to 1967.
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