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Causes of disease

Chinese medical causes of disease

5 external xie (excl. Fire) Wind, Cold, Damp, Summer Heat, Dryness
4 combined external xie Wind-Cold, Wind-Damp, Wind-Heat, Damp-Heat
3 Yang external xie Wind, Heat, Dryness
2 Yin external xie Cold, Damp
Spearhead of disease Wind
Wind behaviour Arise quickly, change rapidly, move location swiftly, blow intermittently
Directions of Wind dispersion Upward & outward
How Wind makes things move Shake & sway
Nature of Wind symptoms Change rapidly, move around, affect top part of body, itchy
Signs & symptoms of external Wind affecting Lungs Aversion to cold, fever, sneezing, sore throat, occipital stiffness, floating pulse
Signs & symptoms of internal Wind affecting Liver Tics, tremors, convulsions, dizziness, Wiry pulse
Functions impaired by Cold Moving, warming
Cold causes pain by Contracting tissues, obstructing circulation of Qi & Blood
Nature of Cold symptoms Fixed, severe, gripping & contracting pain, better for warmth, worse for cold
General signs & symptoms of Cold Aversion to cold, cold limbs, contraction of tendons, thin watery clear fluid discharges, pale tongue, white coat, Slow / Tight pulse
Signs & symptoms of Cold in Uterus Pain, clots in menstrual blood, infertility
Can Cold affect the Large Intestine and Stomach? Yes
External xie that impairs Yang & obstructs Qi circulation Damp
Characterises Damp Heaviness, dirtiness
Nature of Damp symptoms Sticky, lingering, heavy, worse in damp environment, worse for lack of movement, slow to arise & leave, causes swelling & bloating, worse for Damp-forming foods
Examples of Damp signs & symptoms Heavy limbs, heavy & muzzy head, no appetite, bloating, stuffy feeling in epigastrium/chest, recurrent dirty discharges/secretions, Swollen tongue body, sticky tongue coat, Slippery pulse
External xie characterised by upward direction, dispersion & consumption of Body Fluids Summer Heat
Only xie occuring in just one season Summer Heat
Nature of Summer Heat symptoms Hot, sudden onset, summertime only
Signs & symptoms of Summer Heat Aversion to heat, sweating, dark scanty urine, headache, dry lips, thirst, Rapid pulse, Red tongue
Signs & symptoms of Summer Heat invading Pericardium Clouding of the mind (delirium, slurred speech, unconsciousness)
External xie tending to injure Blood & Yin Dryness
Nature of signs & symptoms of Dryness Injures Blood, Yin & Body Fluids (esp. Dryness in face)
Environments in which symptoms of Dryness can occur Dry weather, artifically dry environment (eg air conditioning)
Example signs & symptoms of Dryness Acute dry cough, dry throat, dry mouth, dry nose, dry lips, dry skin, dry stools, scanty urination, Floating pulse, Dry tongue coat & body
Direction characterising Fire Upward
Fire injures Blood & Yin
Fire depletes ? and affects ? depletes Qi, affects Shen
Nature of Fire signs & symptoms 'Big', intense, hot!, particularly affects head, redness, agistation, bleeding
Example Fire signs & symptoms Easily feels hot, likes cool, red/flushed, intense thirst, bitter taste, dark scanty urine, sore throat, red inflamed eyes, mania, 'reckless' haemorrhage, Full Overflowing pulse, Red tongue, Yellow tongue coat
Xie internally generated / derived from other external xie Fire
Wind-Cold symptoms Aversion to cold & wind, fever, sneezing, clear & watery mucous, Floating Rapid pulse
Wind-Heat symptoms Aversion to cold, fever, sore throat, yellow mucous, Floating Slippery pulse
Wind-Damp symptoms Like Wind-Cold & Wind-heat + bodily heaviness, muzzy head, bloating, Floating Slippery pulse
Damp-Heat symptoms Dirty foul-smelling thick discharges, painful swollen joints, purulent inflamations, sticky-yellow tongue coating, Slippery Rapid pulse
Weather in which Damp-Heat particularly arises Humid
The 7 internal causes of disease Anger, Joy, Worry, Over-thinking, Grief, Fear, Shock
Emotions become a cause of disease when they are extremely intense, prolonged, not expressed/acknowledged
Do the emotions affect the Zangfu? Yes
Do the Zangfu affect the emotions? Yes
What does Anger do to Qi? Anger makes Qi rise
Organ affected by Anger Liver
Anger can include Resentment, repressed anger, irritability, rage, bitterness, hatred, frustration, depression
What does Joy do to Qi? Joy slows Qi down
Joy can include TIGGERS!!!
Organ affected by Joy Heart
Organ affected by lack of joy Heart
What does Worry & Over-thing do to Qi? Worry & Over-thinking knots Qi
Organ affected by Worry & Over-thinking Spleen
Worry & Over-thinking can include Overwork, too much studying, cogitation, worrying obsessively, continually mulling over something
What does Grief do to Qi? Grief dissolves Qi
Organ affected by Grief Lungs
Grief can include Emptiness, longing, sorrow, regret, remorse, sense of loss
What does Fear do to Qi? Fear makes Qi descend
Fear can include Extreme fear, terror, anxiety
What does Shock do to Qi? Shock scatters Qi
Organs affected by Shock Heart & Kidney
Shock can include Fright, sudden intense fear, emotional & physical trauma
The 8 Miscellaneous causes of disease Constitution, Overwork & fatigue, Exercise, Diet, Sex, Trauma, Parasites & poisons, Wrong treatment
The 2 Secondary causes of disease Blood stagnation, Phlegm
2 factors affecting Constitution Age of parents, shocks in pregnancy
5 sorts of overwork & fatigue Working while fatigued, heavy work, repitition in work, working long hours, dissatisfaction at work
5 ways exercise causes disease Insufficient exercise, exercising to point of exhaustion, exercising one area of body, exercising too much at young age, running
8 ways diet causes disease Malnutrition, over-eating, cold foods, hot foods, Phlegm-forming foods, hurried eating, eating in wrong conditions, insanitary food
2 ways sex causes disease Too much sex, sex when too young
2 sources of physical trauma Injury, operations
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