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12 Angry Men vocab.

12 Angry Men vocabulary ~ Mrs. Corbelli

charges (v) to accuse/blame
fifth amendment (n) deals with rights of the accused, forbids double jeopardy, individuals may not be forced to testify against themselves.
homicide (n) killing another human being
premeditated homicide (v) a planned murder
el (n) an elevated railway
intimidate (v) to make timid with fear
reasonable doubt (n) showing good judgement
cross-examination (v)to examine by questions
ad-lib (v) to improvise & deliver extemporaneously
sadist (n) one who delights in cruelty
prosecution one who initiates court action
exhibits (n) documents/evidence submitted in court
acquittal (n) state of being found or proved not guilty
appalled (v) to fill with dismay
naive (adj) lacking worldliness & sophistication
compassion (n) deep awareness of suffering of another coupled w/ the wish to relieve it
antagonize (v) act of hostility/opposition
superficial (adj) concerned only w/ the obvious/shallow
defendant (n) the party against which action is brought
deliberate (adj) intentional/done on purpose (v) to think carefully/slowly
verdict (n) the finding of a jury in trial
coroner (n)public officer – investigates death (of unnatural causes)
hang this jury (n) a jury w/o unanimous verdict (case is dismissed)
defense (n) the action of the defendant in opposition to complaints against him/her
rapport (n) relationship of mutual trust
insignificant (adj) lacking importance
testimony (n) a declaration by a witness under oath
sheepish (adj) meek/embarrassed
prospective (adj) likely/expected to happen
arrogance (n) state/quality of overbearing pride
Created by: JCorbelli



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