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ASFL Academic Team E

Worksheet round All answers begin with E

Large bird of prey, Auburn University mascot Eagle
Spring feast of the Christian church commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ Easter
Country whose capital is Quito Ecuador
Study of the relationship among organisms and the environment ecology
The uppermost layer of the atmosphere exosphere
The organ of vision eye
The point on the earth's surface immediately above the seismic focus of earthquake epicenter
A clear green gemstone Emerald
Early developmental stage of an animal following fertilization embryo
Substance that cannot be split chemically into simpler substances element
A stable negatively-charged elementary particel electron
Thirty-fourth president of the United States Eisenhower (Dwight D)
German-born U.S. physicist who formulated the theory of relativity Einstein
In animals, the female reproductive cell egg
Capital of Scotland Edinburgh
U.S. aviation pioneer who became the first women to fly across the Atlantic Earhart, Amelia
Swedish tennis player, winner of the 1991 and 1992 U.S. open Edberg, Stefan
Chilean island known for its huge, carved, statues Easter Island
Social science devoted to studying the production, distribution, and consumption of wealth economics
Repetition of a soundwave caused by reflection from a surfaces echo
Country in which the Aswan High Dam is located Egypt
Scrooge's first name in Dickens' A Christmas Carol Ebenezer
New York City building immortalized in the 1933 movie King Kong Empire State Building
Parisian tower named for the "Magician of Iron" who built it for an exposition in 1889 Eiffel tower
Part of the body affected by glaucoma eyes
Spelling of the title for the Japanese Emperor's wife empress
Island 2,200 miles off the coast of Chile known for its gigantic prehistoric statues Easter
Body of water into which France's Seine River empties English Channel
Name given to a numerical superscript that expresses the power to which a quantity is to be raised Exponent
Term designating a female sheep Ewe
Country from which Eritrea declared its independence in 1993 after 30 years of war Ethiopia
Literary form defined as "a brief piece of prose expressing a personal point of view" essay
Punctuation mark other that a period that can end an imperative sentence exclamation
Country a cross which Hadrian's Wall was built c. A. D. 20, from the mouth of the Tyne River to the solway Firth England
Company whose ship, the Valdez, ran aground in Alaska and spilled 11 million gallons of oil in 1989 Exxon
Latin motto of the U.S., translated as "one out of many" or from many, one" E pluribus Unim
Process that accounts for a lowering of the water level in a container of water left open to the air for 24 hours evaporate
Theory a Tennesse biology teacher was arrested for teaching evolution
Formal speech of praise encouragement
Of excavate, extract, expatriate, or exhume, one meaning "to remove from a grave" excavate
Created by: lemeshadow