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CE750 Limitations

Aircraft Limitations for the Citation X

Max Operating Altitude FL510
Max Altitude for Takeoff & Landing 14,000 Ft
Max OAT°C for Takeoff & Landing ISA +39 C
Min Temperature for Takeoff -54 C
Lowest Alt with A/P Engaged Enroute 1000 AGL, ILS 180 AGL, NonPrec 300 AGL
A/P & Yaw Damp Restriction Must be off for all Takeoff & Landings
Max ITT°C for ground start 800°C
Max Oil Pressure 95 PSI (Max 155 PSIG for 2 minutes)
Max ITT°C for Takeoff 907°C for 5 minutes, then 857°C Continuously
Min Oil Temp°C for start -40 C
Airstart N2 & ITT° Limits 10% Min, 25% Max, 888° ITT
APU Starter Cycle Limitation 6 starts per hour, 1 hour off
Start limits using Battery 2 attempts 30 sec On / 30 min Off
GPU Output Requirements 28 Volts, 1000 Amps
APU Generator limits 0 to 200 Green (Ground or Inflight), 200 to 300 Yellow (Ground only), 300 Redline
Requirement for elevator trim Must be operational
Antiskid requirement Must be Operational for Takeoff
Is Prist required No
Approved Surfaces for Takeoff & Landing Paved surfaces only
Mmo Above 30,650' is .92 MACH (.82 MACH Trim Off)
Vmo < 8000 ft = 270 KIAS, > 8000 ft = 350 KIAS
Max Crosswind using Manual Flight Controls 10 KTS
Vfe-15° 210 KIAS
Vfe-35° 180 KIAS
Vlo & Vle 250 KIAS (Operating/Extend speed)
Turbulent Air Penetration Speed 300 KIAS / .90 MACH
Tire Limit Speed 182 KTS / 210 MPH
Min Speed in Sustained Icing 200 KIAS (Slats/Flaps Up except during App/Ldg)
Vmca 90 KIAS
Max N1 Using TR's 50% N¹ in Max Rev (Throttle limted to ∠28°)
Min TR Speed During Rollout 65 KTS (70 KTS = 1-Eng, NoseSteering Inop, or Slippery)
Are T&G's Authorized No
When must the TR's be Preflighted First flight, Required for Ldg Conditions, or TR Mx
Is TR Backing Approved No
Max Ramp Weight 36,400 lbs (*750-173 and after)
Max Takeoff Weight 36,100 lbs (*750-173 and after)
Max Landing Weight 31,800 lbs
Max Zero Fuel Weight 24,400 lbs
Max Fuel Imbalance 400 lbs
Max Tailcone Baggage Weight 700 lbs
Max Tailwind Component 10 KTS
Max Crosswind Component 21 KTS (Demonstrated)
Maximum Altitude for APU Operation FL310 or above
Emergency Fuel Imbalance 800 lbs (limited by wingtip clearance)
Max Weight in Ski Tube 170 lbs
Max Floor Loading in Aft Closet 60 lbs
Ballast Fuel Unusable fuel that cannot be used without exceeding aft CG limits
Approved Kinds of Operation Day/Night (VFR & IFR), Icing, Overwater, B-RNAV, RVSM Airspace, RNP-10 (Enroute), RNP-3 (Approach), NAT-MNPS Airspace, Cat II
Conditions Anti-Icing is Required +10°C or below (RAT) in Visible Moisture
Conditions Wing Anti-Icing System (Bleed Air) can NOT be Used On the Ground (except preflight) or Above Idle Power with Temp >20°C (SAT)
Nosewheel Turning Limits Rudder pedals = 12°, Tiller = 80°, Rudder+Tiller = 90°
Max Cabin Differential Pressure 9.7 PSI (9.3 Normal / Relief Opens 9.5)
Minimum Air Pressure Required for Start APU = 25 PSI (EICAS), GPU = 30 PSI (EICAS)
How many FADEC's must be Operational for Takeoff All 4 Required
How many Air Data Computers (MADC) must be Operational for Takeoff Both Required
Engine Make/Model Allison AE-3007C Turbofan
Max Fuel Pressure for Single-Point Refueling 55 PSI
Max Defuel Pressure -10 PSI
Unusuable Fuel Quantity Wing/Hopper = 4.81 gal, Center = 2.2 gal
Max Wing Fuel Prior to Initiating Center-to Wing Transfer 3100 lbs (per side)
Min Fuel Quantity for Simultaneous Crossfeed and Center-to-Wing Transfer 2900 lbs (each wing)
Min Fuel Temp°C for Takeoff +4°C
Max Fuel Temp°C for Takeoff +98.9°C
Are Both Rudder Limiters Required for Takeoff Yes
MACH Trim must be Operational above what Speed .82 Mach
Hydraulic Pumps may NOT be Intentionally Unloaded Above What Altitude 15,000 MSL (Exception- Ab/Emer Procedures)
Aircraft Category Transport
Stage ____ Noise Certification Stage 3 (Reference AFM)
Aircraft Generator Output Limits ≤FL410= 0-400 Amps, >FL410= 0-300 Amps
Unsuccessful Starts using GPU 2 Attempts 15 sec On / 20 min Off (4 per hour max)
Operating Limits with PAC's in High Takeoff, Landing, & Above FL450
Max Alt with single PAC FL410
Max Turbulent Air Speed 300 KIAS / .90 MACH
Max Crosswind with Slat Assymetry 10 KTS
Min Battery Volts for APU Start 22 Volts
Min Voltage to Close Batt Relay 18 Volts
Min Voltage to Keep Batt Contactor Closed 11-12 Volts
Created by: tailwheel
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