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Acu Energetics Final

Point Energetics Final review- UB-KD-PC-SJ-GB-LR-Du-Ren-Xtra Points

Function of UB-7 Clears (benefits) nose, clears head (4 cun posterior to anterior HL- so nearly level with Du20, in line that extends back from UB4- remember that UB2 is medial end of eyebrow, UB3 is 0.5 cun into anterior HL just above, and UB4 is 0.5 cun lateral to UB3.)
Indication for UB-15 BS of HT, so for HT Blood, HT Yin, HT Qi, HT Yang. Also "Phlegm Misting Heart." Xu or Xs (Blood Stasis, Qi Stagnation). UB15 is LBSP of T5, 1.5 cun lateral to Du line
Indication for UB-17 Gathering Point for Blood (and BS of Diaphragm), so for Blood Heat, Blood Stasis, Blood Dryness. (For hiccups combined with P6, Ren 12, ST36.) LBSP T7, 1.5 cun lateral to Du line.
Indication for UB-23 BS of KD, so for KD qi Xu, KD Xu, SWLB. Point is located 1.5 cun lateral to L2 (level with Du-4).
Indication for UB-25 BS of LI, so for dryness, cold, damp, in LI. Especially Damp-Heat (dysentery, diarrhea) in LI it seems. Point is 1.5 cun lateral to L4 (level with Du-3).
Function of UB-39 Lower He-Sea for SJ, so "Opens water passage to Lower Jiao." Point is on popliteal crease, laterl to UB-40, at the medial border of the tendon of biceps femoris.
Indication for UB-40 UB-40 is Commander Point for Low Back (combine with UB points @ L2/UB23 and L4/UB25). But also a Heat Clearing point. (Bleed for Summer Heat, high fever, heat in blood (aka rash).) Popliteal crease between biceps femoris & semitendinosus tendons.
Function of UB-52 UB-52 is 3 cun lateral to Du-4 (or L2) and 1.5 cun lateral to UB-23, so TONIFY KIDNEY ESSENCE. (Seminal emission.) Strengthen LB/lumbar.
Function of UB-62 UB-62 is lateral mirror of K6. Open Yang Qiao where K6 Opens Yin Qiao. Name of point, Shen Mai, means "Ninth Channel." It is opening and first point of Yang Heel (Yang Qiao) channel. Epilepsy, insomnia, HA.
Which points on UB meridian promote labor and thus are contraindicated in pregnancy? UB60, UB67
Which points on SP & ST meridians promote labor and thus are contraindicated in pregnancy? SP6, ST12 (ST 12 is at "midpoint of supraclavicular fossa, 4 cun lateral to ML")
Which point on GB meridian promotes labor and thus are contraindicated in pregnancy? GB21 ("Shoulder Well")
Which point on LI meridian promotes labor and thus are contraindicated in pregnancy? LI-4 ("Joining Valleys")
What are the 6 points commonly contraindicated in pregnancy? LI4, SP6, UB60, UB67, GB21, ST12
What point opens the Yang Qiao channel? UB-62
What point opens the Yin Qiao channel? K-6
What points on the UB & KD channels are good for HA/dizziness d/t LYR? KD point is KD-1. UB point is... Yang Qiao point, UB-62?
What KD point for edema d/t KD Yang Xu? K7 (Tonify Kidney Yang) Books says Resolve Damp, Tonify Kidney, Strengthen LB, Eliminate edema, Regulate sweating
What KD point to tonify KD Yin and Clear Empty Heat? K2 Cools Blood, clears Empty Heat. (K6 NOURISHES Yin, Cools Blood- but doesn't say anything about Clear Empty Heat.) They both "Invigorate Yin Qiao channel." K6 Strengthens Uterus, Calms the Mind.) So K2 is the best answer. (K10 is called "Yin Valley"!)
What KD point for "internal organ pain of KD meridian?" Has to be the XCP of KD meridian: That would be K9. (K9 is 5 cun above K3, "at lower end of belly of gastroc muscle on line drawn from K3 to K10"). K7 is 2 cun above K3.)
What KD point for Sweat Syndrome? K7 (w/ LI-4)
What KD point for Dementia? K4 (the LCP of KD channel)
What PC point for Phlegm? P5 (3 cun above TWC)
What PC point is the "Opening (Master or Confluent) point of the Yin Wei Channel?" P6 (2 cun above TWC)
What PC point is used to treat d/o of Heart/Chest/Stomach P6 aka "Inner Gate" (2 cun above TWC) w/ SP-4
What PC point treats vomiting/diarrhea d/t Summer Heat or Damp? Is rebellious qi to He-Sea point of PC meridian: P3
What SJ point for diabetes? The YSP of SJ channel ("promote transformation of fluids") so SJ-4
What SJ point for Wind-Heat? The "Outer Gate" point, or SJ-5 (also LCP of SJ)
What SJ point for constipation? SJ-6 (the Jing-River and Fire point of SJ channel)
Function of SJ-17 Yi Feng, "Wind Screen," so Eliminate Wind. Also benefit ears.
Function of GB-20 Feng Chi, "Wind Pond," so for both Exterior AND Interior Wind. Also subdues LYR. Eyes/ears/brain.
Function of GB-37 "Guang Ming" or Brightness. LCP of GB channel. QiWei says it regulates the LR; benefits eye. Book says "Expels Wind, clears Heat, conducts Fire downward, brightens the eyes."
What GB & SJ points benefit the EARS? Start with SJ21, SI19, GB2. Also probably SJ17. Book says GB-43 (2nd to last GB point) is also good for ears. Syllabus says SJ1-3 are good for ears!!)
Indication for LR-3 (is YSP of LR channel) Soothe LR qi, pacify LR, regulate Blood, Calm the Mind
What point on GB meridian is Confluential Point with the Dai (or Girdle) meridian? GB-26 (Dai Mai aka "Girdle Channel") Resolves Damp Heat, Regulate the Girdle (Dai) Channel, regulates the Uterus. (GB-26 is one rib below LR-13.)
What point clears Heat from LR channel? LR-2 (the Ying-Spring point-- duh)
What is the He-Sea point of LR channel? LR-8 (is also Water point of Liver Channel). Location is "in the depression above the medial end of the TPC, posterior to the medial epicondyle of the femur, on the anterior portion of the insertion of m. semimembranosus & m. semitendinosus."
Function of LR-14? Front Mu of LR. So Soothe LR qi, Cool Blood, Disperse Masses
Indication of Du-9? Is same level as UB-17 and UB-17 is BS of Diaphragm. So Du-9 is good for d/o of all organs just above and below diaphragm: HT/chest/LU; LR/GB; SP/ST. "Resolve DH; Regulate LR/GB; Move Qi."??
Function of Du-4? TONIFY KIDNEY YANG!!! Also.. 1 of the 5 "longevity points," along with Ren-4-6-8, ST-36
Indication of Du-16? Feng Fu ("Wind Palace"), so Expel Wind. Also Clear Mind/Benefit Brain
Indication for Du-23? Open Nose (also maybe Wind-Heat)
What point on Ren meridian is crossing point for LR-KD-SP? Seems like BOTH Ren-4 AND Ren-3... but that seems strange.
Function of Ren-8 This point is called, strangely, "Mind Palace" (Shen Que). Warm Yang. Rescue Collapse. Strengthen SP/ST/KD. Book says "Tonify Original Qi. Strengthen Spleen. Rescue Yang."
Function of Ren-9 Shui Fen ("Water Separation"), so EDEMA!! Book says "Controls Water passages and promotes transformation of Fluids."
What point on Ren channel is commonly used to tonify qi? IP ("Gathering Point) for Qi and also a Sea of Qi point: Ren-17
FM of ST: Ren-12
FM of SP: LR-13
FM of LR: LR-14
FM of LI: ST-25
FM of SI: Ren-4
FM of UB: Ren-3
FM of Uterus: ??
FM of PC: Ren-17
What point on Ren channel is "Source Point of the five Yin organs?" Ren-15 (Jiu Wei aka "Dove Tail"). Also LCP for Ren channel
FM of HT: Ren-14 (Ju Que or "Great Palace")
Indication for Ren-17? Tonify qi
Indication for Du-14? Release the Exterior, Clear (XS) Heat, Calm the Spirit. for fever (including malaria: add SJ5 and GB34, Lower He-Sea o GB), cough/asthma (add Ding Chuan), mania/epilepsy, neck pain. Du-14 is Meeting/Crossing Point of ALL YANG MERIDIANS-- 3 Hand, 3 Foot!!
FM of SJ: Ren-5
FM of KD: GB-25
FM of GB: GB-24
Created by: mrbarr