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Types of Writing

PreAP English II literary genres

Types of WritingDefinition
Comedy A work of literature, expecially a play, that has a happy ending
Descriptive essay Literature which seeks to convey an impression about a person, place, or object
Drama A story written to be performed by actors
Essay A short, nonfiction work about a particular subject
Expository essay Literature which gives information, discusses ideas, or explains a process
Exposition Writing or speech that explains, informs, or presents information. In the plot of a story, it is the part of the work that introduces the characters, the setting, and the basic situation
Fantasy A highly imaginative writing that contains elements not found in real life
Farce An exaggerated comedy, one that relies on improbable situations, physical humor, and broad wit rather than on indepth characters and believable plots
Fiction Prose writing that tells about imaginary characters and events
Genre A division or type of literature (e.g., comedy, drama, fantasy,etc.)
Narrative A story told in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or drama
Narrative essay A work which tells a true story
Nonfiction Prose writing that presents and explains ideas or that tells about real people, places, objects, or events
Novel A long work of fiction
Parody A work done in imitation of another, usually in order to mock or make fun of it
Persuasive essay A work which tries to convince readers to do something or to accept the writer's point of view
Prose The ordinary form of written language
Satire A style of writing that uses humor - sometimes gentle and sometimes biting - to criticize people, ideas, or institutions in hope of improving them
Science Fiction Writing that tells about imaginary events that involve science or technology
Tragedy A work of literature, especially a play, that results in a catastrophe for the main character
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