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very cautiously, and carefully gingerly
unwilling to admit it was true. Being skeptical. incredulous
to take into mind or memory. digested
impossible to comprehend unfathomable
an item of valuable owned. asset
mischeviously roguishly
actiing unconcerned or indifferent. nonchalantly
answered with experience. sagely
bitterness or conflict rivalry
following the rules, or doing what your suppose to. abiding
being distant either physically or emotionally aloofness
viewing the future with anxiety or alarm apprehensive
manifesting, feeling, or expression contemptuous
willing to fight, or disposition of resistance defiance
a glowing fragement from fire ember
timidity sheepishly
cool not crude and emotional sophisticated
high society, top of society, best of society elite
sorry and felt bad resignedly
accepting without protest or excuse premonition
full of strong muscle muscular strength brawn
repeating recurring
especially noticiable or a heroic act exploit
the unlawful killing of a human being without express or implied malice manslaughter
a young juvenile or troble making kid delinquents
attract radiate
To distract attention from divert
Hesitatingly to hesitate in purpose or action faltered
Hesitatingly to hesitate in purpose or action faltered
an intense black or really dark jet
struck with terror, amazement, or horror aghast
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