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Not able to be understood Unfathomable
Advantage; plus Asset
Die down or lower Subside
Glowing particle Ember
In a wishful way Wistfully
color Hue
In a begging, pleading way Imploringly
Fearful;anxious Apprehensive
Obeying Abiding
Absorbed Digested
Emotionally uninvolved Detached
Disbelieving Incredulous
sneering;mocking Contemptuous
determinedly; stubbornly Doggedly
Agonizing Racking
superior; top Elite
escape; slip out of one's grasp Elude
Wisely Sagely
Belief that an event will occur Premonition
Firm belief Conviction
Disinterest; coolness Aloofness
In a crabby; pouting way Sullenly
Strong, well-developed muscles Brawn
Occurring or appearing again Recurring
A striking or notable deed; feat Exploit
The unlawful killing of a human being without malice aforethought Manslaughter
Failing in or neglectful of a duty or obligation; guilty of a misdeed or offense. Delinquent
To project or glow with cheerfulness, joy, etc. Radiate
To distract from a serious occupation; entertain or amuse Divert
To hesitate or waver in action, purpose, intent, etc. Falter
A deep black Jet
Struck with overwhelming shock or amazement; filled with sudden fright or horror. Aghast
A pt. and pp. of clothe Clad
Action according with prevailing social standards, attitudes, practices, etc Conformity
to draw together or into smaller compass; draw the parts of together Contract
wild with excitement, enthusiasm, etc Delirious
wary; suspicious Leery
causing sorrow or pity; pitiable; deplorable Rueful
deeply affected, as with grief, fear, or other emotions Stricken
suspension or great diminution of sensibility, as in disease or as caused by narcotics, intoxicants, etc Stupor
emotionally or mentally strained or tense Taut
denied the enjoyment of the normal privileges or rights of a society because of low economic and social status Underprivileged
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