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very cautious or careful gingerly
unwilling to admit or accept what is offered as true incredulous
to take into the mind or memory; especially : to assimilate mentally digested
impossible to comprehend unfathomable
an item of value owned asset
a mischievous person roguishly
having an air of easy unconcern or indifference nonchalantly
proceeding from or characterized by wisdom, prudence, and good judgment sagely
the act of rivaling : the state of being a rival rivalry
to accept without objection abiding
removed or distant either physically or emotionally aloofness
viewing the future with anxiety or alarm apprehensive
manifesting, feeling, or expressing contempt contemptuous
the act or an instance of defying defiance
a group of persons who by virtue of position or education exercise much power or influence elite
a glowing fragment (as of coal) from a fire; especially : one smoldering in ashes ember
previous notice or warning premonition
to give up deliberately; especially : to renounce (as a right or position) by a formal act resignedly
resembling a sheep in meekness, stupidity, or timidity sheepishly
deprived of native or original simplicity: as sophisticated
the act or process of convicting of a crime especially in a court of law CONVICTION
exhibiting an aloof objectivity usually free from prejudice or self-interest DETACHED
marked by stubborn determination DOGGEDLY
to avoid adroitly ELUDE
gradation of color HUE
to call upon in supplication IMPLORINGLY
extremely trying on the nerves RACKING
to tend downward SUBSIDE
gloomily or resentfully silent or repressed SULLENLY
full of yearning or desire tinged with melancholy; also : inspiring such yearning WISTFULLY
muscular strength brawn
to have recourse recurring
to make use of meanly or unfairly for one's own advantage exploit
the unlawful killing of a human being without express or implied malice manslaughter
a delinquent person delinquents
to send out rays : shine brightly radiate
to turn from one course or use to another divert
to hesitate in purpose or action faltered
an intense black jet
struck with terror, amazement, or horror aghast
being covered or clothed CLAD
action in accordance with some specified standard or authority CONFORMITY
to bring on oneself especially inadvertently CONTRACT
affected with or marked by delirium DELIRIOUS
often used with of LEERY
exciting pity or sympathy RUEFULLY
hit or wounded by or as if by a missile STRICKEN
a state of extreme apathy or torpor resulting often from stress or shock STUPOR
having no give or slack TAUT
of or relating to underprivileged people UNDERPRIVILEGED
to discharge completely ACQUITTED
to withdraw or shrink from or as if from pain FLINCHING
one who has the care of the person or property of another GUARDIAN
opportunity to be heard, to present one's side of a case, or to be generally known or appreciated HEARING
to love or admire to excess IDOLIZED
obligated according to law or equity LIABLE
a state or condition resembling a vacuum VACUUM
very great in size, amount, degree, intensity, or especially in extent or range VAST
to let out VEER
to rise to the surface and usually flow forth WELL
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