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Test 1 review

Questions to reveiw for Test 1

" have carried out A noble purpose to a noble end." What story is this from? Success
Personification means Giving human qualities to an idea, animal, or inanimate object.
"When I heard the Learn'd Astronomer" was written by who? Walt Whitman
Who wrote Othello? (A Good Name) Shakespeare
Who wrote "The Battle-Field" (Truth)? William Cullen Bryant
Who wrote Up From Slavery ("A Harder Task Than Making Bricks without Straw")? Booker T. Washington
The main idea of a story or poem is the Theme
A clash of actions, ideas, forces or wills Conflict
The structure or planned framework or a work Plot
An indication that hints at late events in the story Foreshadowing
The correspondance of two or more words whose ending syllables have nearly the same ending sounds Rhyme
A written account of a person's life Biography
The person through whom a writer expresses ideas and attitudes Speaker
"I'm going to make good. I'm going to face the music! Because I'm an honest man!" What story is this from. "The Finger of God"
"Punishment should be meted out sparingly, and then only in cases of deliberate disobedience." Name the story that this is from. "Every Dog Should Own a Man"
"God will forgive you!" said he. "Maybe I am a hundred times worse than you." Name the story that this is from. "God Sees the Truth, but Waits"
"Who steals my steals trash; 'tis something, nothing." Name the story. "A Good Name" (Othello)
"Nevertheless, the earth does move." Name the story. "Explorer of the Stars"
"But gradually... we bought order out of chaos, just as will be true of any problem if we stick to it with patience and wisdom and earnest effort." Name the story. "A Harder Task Than Making Bricks without Straw" (Up From Slavery)
"He realized, too, how clear and simple their resons for actions were, even when they killed." Name the story. "You've Got to Learn"
When did Andy change his mind about seeking revenge? After seeing the otter defend his pup from the lynxes.
In "God Be in My Hede," what were the five areas of life in which the speaker desired God's presence? Understanding, looking, speaking, thinking and departing.
What was Ivan Aksionov wrongly convicted of doing? Murdering a merchant
What secret did the Governor ask Ivan to reveal about a fellow prisoner? He wanted Ivan to tell who was digging the tunnel.
What happened to Ivan before he could be released? He died.
To what book does "The Book Our Mothers Read" refer? The bible
What was the name of Galileo's telescope? Old Discoverer
How did Galileo plan to leave behind his ideas for future generations? By publishing his ideas in books
Before Galileo began concentrating solely on research and writing, what was his occupation? Teaching
What was Galileo's punishment after the trial? He had to live in seclusion and stop teaching that the earth moved.
Does the speaker in "When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer" prefer to observe the stars or study them? He enjoys observing the stars.
In The Finger of God, who was going to turn Strickland in to the police? his bulter, Benson
What was the girl's professional relationship to Strickland? She worked in his office as a secretary.
What did the girl bring Strickland? She brought letters from people asking him to make investments for them.
Did the speaker in "Success" believe that truth is worth dying for? Yes
In "The Rat Trap," what did the peddler steal? 30 kroner
Other than his servants, who lived with the ironmaster? His daughter, Edla Willmansson
What holiday season did the peddler spend with the ironmaster? Christmas
What did the peddler leave when he lest the ironmaster's house? He left a package that contained a rat trap, the thirty kroner and a note to Elda saying that he could keep the money.
In "A Good Name," what does the robber of a good name gain? nothing
After three failed attempts, what did Booker T. Washington and his students finally succeed in creating? bricks
What department's growth did Washington describe as a struggle? the boarding department, specifically the kitchen
According to William Cowper, with what material does Wisdom build? knowledge
What should every dog own? a man
What did the dog do when teaching the man how to fetch? the dog lay down and fell asleep
What two qualities did William Cullen Bryant personify in "Truth"? Truth and error
In "You've Got to Learn," what killed the dog? an otter
Who asked Andy to take care of the dog? his brother, Joe
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