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Acu Tech3- Final Rev

Points on GB-LR-Du-Ren Meridians (location/depth/insertion angle)

GB2 Anterior to the intertragic notch, at the posterior border of the condyloid process of the mandible
GB2 Perpendicular 0.5-0.7 cun. Needle with mouth open.
GB8 Superior to the apex of the auricle, 1.5 cun within the HL
GB8 Horizontal or oblique (directed back). 0.3-0.5 cun
GB12 In the depression posterior & inferior to the mastoid process
GB12 Oblique DOWNWARD (!!??) 0.3-0.5 cun
GB15 Directly above GB14, 0.5 cun with the (anterior) HL, midway between DU24 & ST8.
GB15 Horizontal 0.3-.05 cun
GB20 In the depression between the upper portion of SCM and m. trapezius, on the same level with DU16 (DU16 is "1 cun above the midpoint of the posterior HL, below the EOP, in the depression between m. trapezius of both sides.))
GB20 Perpendicular 0.5-0.8 cun, directed at "tip of nose:" that is, don't direct up (and don't direct too medial)
LR13 On the lateral side of the abdomen, below the free end of the 11th floating rib
LR13 Book says perpendicular, but QW taught us OBLIQUE DOWNARD (pinching skin technique). 0.5-0.8 cun
LR14 Oblique or horizontal TO LATERAL. 0.3-0.5 cun. Pinching skin technique. NEVER perpendicular b/c of liver & lung.
DU2 In the hiatus of the sacrum (aka "Lumbar Shu)
DU2 Books says oblique 0.3-0.5 cun. But Note says "normally needled subcutaneously in an upward direction, but moxa is also effective."
DU26 A little above the midpoint of the philtrum, near the nostrils (I think other source says upper 1/3 of philtrum length.)
DU26 Use .20 mm needle or thinner. 0.3-0.5 cun oblique (??) "slightly upward"
RN15 Below the xiphoid process, 7 cun above the umbilicus; "locate in supine position with arms raised"
RN15 Wow, book says 0.4-0.6 cun, oblique DOWNWARD?? (Need to check CAM)
Created by: mrbarr