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2R151 Volume1

Volume 1

The traditional roles and mission of each branch of service are commonly referred to as Functions
During peacetime, maintenance activities are exercised in order to meet wartime requirements
At what level are maintenance organizations standardized throughout each MAJOM? Unit
Which squadron is responsible for servicing, inspecting, maintaining, launching, recovering assigned and transient aricraft? Aircraft/helicopter maintenance
Which section in an AMU maintains Dash 21 equipment? Support
Which squadron maintains AGE, munitions, off-equipment aircraft and support equipment components? Maintenance squadron
According to what instruction may the MAJCOM establish an equipment maintenance squadron and component maintenance suqadron if a maintenance squadron exceeds 700 authorizations? AFI 38-101
How many flights does a maintenance squadron have? 9
Which maintenance squadron flight contains the repair and reclamation, wheel and tire, transient alert, and aircraft inspection section? Maintenance
What maintenance squadron flight performs off-equipment maintenance for assigned fighter aircraft armanaent systems, guns, pylons, racks, launchers and adapters, and may have a scheduler assigned? Armament
What maintenance operations squadron flight is the central agency for managing the health of the fleet? Maintnance operations
Every major, designated non-major, and modified system with an operations concept must have a maintenance concept
Future maintenance concepts must take advantgage of effective human factors engineering
What allows maintenance to be performed closer to the weapon system or equipment? Minimizing requirements for extensive off-equpment maintenance
What must be identified when the concept for current systems and equipment must be changed? The specific levels of maintenance
Which maitenance objective includes organizaing and equipping in the most effective manner possible? Training constantly for wartime operations
Which maintenance ojective has the goal of eliminating nonproductive administrative tasks and improving efficiency? Developing automated information systems
What is the category and location for wing reskinning maintenance? On-equipment, AFMC
How many levels of maintenance are there? Three
What are the levels of maintenance? Depot, organizational, and intermediate
Which level of maintenance consists of off-equipment tasks normally perform by the using activity at an operating location or centrailized repair facitlity? Intermediate
Which level of maintenance consists of those on-and-off equipment tasks performed using highly specialized skills not normally possessed by the operating location? Depot
Who must provide guidance on minimiing the use of hazardous materials in the maintenance processes? Maintenance engineering
The goal of maintenance management is to reduce or eliminate unit dependence on off-equipment maintenance
Which is a logical discipline for developing a preventative and scheduled maintenance program? Reliability centered maintenance
Aircraft were delivered to the Air Force with a recommended maintenance program before the Air Force adopted which program? Reliability centered maintenance
The reliability centered maintenance concept is based on airline and manufacturer maintenance program planning documents
Which the following provides each technician and specialist with a convenient inspection guide? Inspection workcards
Each inspection workcard contains the electrical power requirements
What are two inspection methods? In-place and dock
The dock inspection method is used when requirements dictate the use of a fixed location
All requirements pertaining to inspections are normally accomplished concurrently to avoid complications in scheduling and controlling the required maintenance
The interval specified for scheduled maintenance inspections represents maximum interval
Who may increase the frequency of scheduled inspections when required for temporary situations? MAJCOM
How many inspection concepts are authorized? Five
The five basic inspection concepts are periodic, aeropsace vehicle manufacture. phase, isochronal, and PDM
Minimizing the lenght of time an aircraft is out of commission for any schedule inspection is the primary objective of which inspection concept? Phase
A prelfight inspection is a flight preparedness check
Which inspection subelement is required before the first flight of a specified flighing period? Preflight
An end-of runway inspection is a final visual and operational check
Which inspection is used to ensure down locks, covers, and pins have been removed? End-of-runway
A 30-day calendar inspection is required when an aircraft? has been out of commission for more than 30-consecutive days
When are aircraft in PDM exempt from a 90-day calendar inspection? Only when the minimum requiarements were accomplished as part of the PDM package and 90 days have not elapsed
Determining inspection dock capability is not applicable to which command? AMC
Which publication contains the formula for computing dock capability? AFI 21-101
If your inspection interval is 200 hours and your AMU has 20 aircraft, how many hours of time remaining to inspection betweeen each aircraft should you maintain? 10
TO 00-20-1 states that the key to effectively managing dock inpections is to schedule them as far in advance as possible
How many categories of publications are there? 2
For which pbulication category is compliance expected but not mandatory? Nondirective
Who is authorized to issue standard publications? Secretary of the Air Force and Chief of Staff, USAF
A departmental publication begins with AF
An example of a field publication is AMCI 21-101
The purpose of a digital publications is to reduce the number of paper copies
The type of publication you should concult for information aobut an overseas location for you and your dependents is a Air Force pamphlet
Which publications provide informaton of a highly specialized nature? Specialized
Which is not an example of a specialized publication? AF Instructions
What type of numbering system is used for instruction, manuals, and number ed letters to simplify reference and control? Double-numbering system
What part of an air Force publication number narrows the area convered by that publication? Second
The publications manger will assign a number to each interim chagne by calendar year followed by a hyphen and a control number
How many adminsitrative changes are allowed to a publication before it must be reqritten? No limit
Administrative changes are listed chronologically
What is the minimum percentage of a publication that requires revision in order for the entire publication to be rewritten? 50
To apply for a waiver, the requiest is sent through E-mail or Memorandum
Extensions to publications are primarily granted to allow continued usage of a component whose service life has been exceeded.
Waivers or extensions remain in effect until they are canceled by the approving official
What TO provides the proper procedures for making changes to individual TOs? 00-5-1
Regarding TOs, The Air Force's objective is to reach a "near paperless" TO operation
Which system maintains information on warehouse stock availability and provides recorder processing required to TO warehouse stock levle maintenance? JCALS system
Which TO system is the official listing of active technical orders? Air Force TO Catalog
What TO system is used to administer an organization's TO distibution program provides capability to order TOs? ATOMS
Which type of statment is enterd on the title page of all classified an unclassified TOs approved for release to a foriegn government? Disclouse notice
When a TO provides a reason it is restricted from the public and identifies the Department of Defense controling office, it will contain a distribution statement
For TOs of eight pages or less, an abbrevated title page is used and all updates are issued as revisions
When a prelimiary TO or formal TO contains unverified procedures, what is included to check the TO condition before attempting to used any procedure? Verfication status page
How many major types of TOs are authorized for use? 5
Which type of TO is designed to meet the needs of personnel engaged in or being trained to operate, maintain, service, overhaul, install, and inspect items of equipment and material? Operations and maintenance
Methods and procedures TOs are printed to tell the what, when, why, and how of general subjects
Which type of index TO lists all TOs applicable to a specific military system and related end items? LOAPs
Limited-use tools provided for scheduled inspections that depict a basic planned work schedule or sequence in which the inspection workcards can be used are called inspection sequence charts
Which TO does a numbering spejcilsit use to assign TO numbers? 00-5-18
How many groups of numbers may be used in a TO numbering pattern? 7
What type of aircraft does the letter "F" in TO number 1F-16C-11 indicate? Fighter
What letter is used in group one of a TO number for rocket engines? K
When may the use of five or more groups be necessary to complete a TO number? When a TO has been extended by sectionalizing
Revisions may be prepared to an existing TO style and format, depending on cost effectiveness and usability as dtermined by the TO manager
A TO change title page has the word "CHANGE", a change number, and a change date added at the bottom right corner of the title page
What type of marking is used to indicate updates to illustrations or line drawings in a revised or updated TO? Miniature pointing hand
TCTO supplements are covered in which TO? 00-5-15
Which publication outlines procedures for requesting TO waivers? AFI 21-303
All TCTO waivers will be recorded in accordance iwht what technical orders? 00-5-1 and 00-5-15
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