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Herbal 1 Final

Stack #44406 - Concepts

What do Salty herbs do and where do they come from? Cool, purge, soften, astringe fluids. Come from animal or sea products
What do Bland herbs do? Leach fluids, help edema
What do Descending herbs do? Direct Qi downward
What do Sinking herbs do? Stop the upward flow of floating/empty Qi
What do Ascending herbs do? Direct Qi upward
What do Floating Herbs do? Stop organ prolapse
What is Mutual Accentuation? Herbs of the same category that are stonger when they act together
What is Mutual Enhancement? Herbs of different categories that work better together
What is Mutual Counteraction? Fear
What is Mutual Supression? Killing (another herb's toxic quality)
What is Mutual Antagonism? Two herbs neutralize each other's effects (avoid)
What is Mutual Incompatibility? Two herbs that create a toxic response when used together (avoid)
What is Single Effect? One herb used alone
What do the LU/BL herbs typically treat? Taiyang disorders, EPFs, Wei Qi, Surface Cold, Back of Head
What do the LU/ST herbs typically treat? Yangming disorders, dryness problems (nourish fluids), Front of Body
What do TW/GB herbs typically treat? Lateral part of Body
What do LV/KD herbs typically treat? Sinews, Joints, Cold in Lower Extremities (tonify Yang), Wind-Damp
Name the 8 methods. Sweat, Purge, Vomit, Harmonize, Warm, Clear, Tonify, Reduce/Regulate
What is the terrain of Wei Qi? Head, Orifices (including lower), Skin and Muscles
What kinds of problems do seeds address? Constipation, Eye, Jing
Name the 5 Lin. Shi Lin, Qi Lin, Xue Lin, Gao Lin, Lao Lin
What is Taxation Stranguary? Lao Lin: dribbling or painful urine triggered by fatigue
What is Unctuous Stranguary? Gao Lin: rice water, greasy urine
What is Blood Stranguary? Xue Lin: Blood deficiency, Blood-Cold, or Blood- Heat
What is Qi Stranguary? Qi Lin: Qi Deficiency or Stagnation
What is Stone Stranguary? Shi Lin: Stones
What is Steaming Bone Disorder? Severe Yin deficiency with empty heat
What are the qualities of Dispel Wind-Dampness medicinals? Aromatic and Warm
What is the principal condition addressed by Dispel Wind-Dampness medicinals? Wind Damp Cold Bi
What is a caution for Dispel Wind-Dampness medicinals? They may injure Yin and Blood
How are Dispel Wind-Dampness medicinals typically used? With local treatments such as acupuncture and massage
What is true of Dry Phlegm? It involves Yin Deficiency
What can Phlegm obstruct? ST, LU, HT orifices, channels
Is Blood Stasis a source of Phlegm? No
Created by: nesaherbal