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Foundations to OT

Chapters 1-5

What is the state or condition of being involved (paticipant); general class of human actions that is goal directed? Activity
What is the national organization that regulates entry-level education for occupational therapists and for occupational therapy assistants? Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE)
What is a form of regulation that determines whether and organization or program meets a perscribed standard? Accreditation
Who was the Swiss physician committed to a holistic perspective; developed the psychobiological approach to mental illness? Adolf Meyer
What is the trend of more elderly people staying at home and living independently or with minimal assistance? Aging in Place
What is the unselfish concern for the welfare of others? Altruism
Which legislation provides civil rights to all individuals with disabilities? Americans with Disabilites Act of 1990
What are various life activites including ADLs, IADLs, education, work, play, leisure and social participation? Areas of Occupation
In the late nineteenth-century which movement was morn in reaction to the Industrial Revolution; empasized craftsmanship and design? Arts and Crafts Movement
What is the freedom to decide and the freedom to act? Automomy
This legislation intended to reduce Medicare spending, create incentives for development of managed care plans, encourage enrollment in managed care plans, and limit fee-for-service payment and programs? Balanced Budget Act (BBA) of 1997
Who was the American Quaker who was the first physician to institute Moral Treatment practices? Benjamin Rush
What the acknowledgement that an individual has the qualifications to be and entry-level-practitioner? Certification
Who is the person served by occupational therapy in a health facility or training center? Client
Which is the approach in which the client, family, and significant others are active participants throughout the therapeutic process? Client-centered approach
This is the clinical or practice-based doctoral degree; focuses on practice rather than research... Doctor of Occupational Therapy
What is the process of gaining knowledge and information? Education
Which act established the right of all children to a free and appropriate education, regardless of handicapping condition? Education for All Handicapped Children Act of 1975
This person is known as the mother of occupational therapy; developed the area of habit training and roganized the first professional school for occupational therapy practitioners? Eleanor Clarke Slagle
This practitioner is still developing his or her skill and is expected to be held responsible for and accountable in professional activities related to the role? Entry-level practitioner
What part of philosophy investigates critically the nature, origin, and limits of human knowledge? Epistemology component
What is the treatment of all individuals with an attitude of fairness and impartiality and the respecting of each individual's beliefs, values, and lifestyles? Equality
What is basing practice on the best available research evidence? Evidence-based practice
What is the practical experience applying classroom knowledge to a clinical setting; categorized as Level I (ovservational) or Level II (development of entry-level skills)? Fieldwork
What is an individual's right to exercise choice? Freedom
What is an action for which a person is fit; the ability to perform? Function
What is the end toward which effort is directed? Goal
What is a re-education program dedicated to restoring and maintaining health by directing activity to construct new habits and discard ineffective ones? Habit training
What was the amendment to the Education for All Handicapped Children Act; includes children from 3 to 5 years of age and initiates new early intervention programs for children from birth to 3 years of age? Handicapped Infants and Toddlers Act 1986
Who was the physician who adapted the Arts and Crafts Movement for medical purposes? Herbert Hall
This approach deems that each individual should be seen as a complete and unified whole rather than a series of parts or problems to be managed... Holistic
This is the belief that the client should be treated as a person, not an object... Humanism
What is the state or condition of being independent (self-reliant)? Independence
What is a plan the charts the problems, goals, and interventions necessary for the child to have success in school? Individualized education plan (IEP)
What legislation requires school districts to educate students with disabilites in the least restrictive environment? Individuals with Disabilites Act of 1991 (IDEA)
Which activities such as meal preparation, money management, care of others, which involve interacting with the environment; often complex; may be consiered optional? Instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs)
Which practitioner has increased responsibility and typically pursues specialization in a particular area of practice? Intermediate-level practitioner
What is the process by which permission is granted to an individual to engage in a given occupation upon finding that the applicant has attained the minimal degree of competence required to ensure that the public health... Licensure
What is the view that sees the human as passive in nature and controlled by the environment in which he or she lives? Mechanistic view
What is the means by which therapeutic effects are transmitted? Media
This was enacted in 1965; legislation that provides health care assistance for individuals 65 years or older or those who are permanently and totally disabled? Medicare
This one part of phhilosophy that addresses questions such as "What is the nature of humankind?" Metaphysical component
What is the movement that grounded in the philosophy that all people, even the most challenged, are entitled to consideration and human compassion? Moral Treatment
What is the organization responsible for administering the national certification examination? National Board for Certification in Occupational Therpy (NBCOT)
What is an activity in which one engages that is meaningful and central to one's identity? Occupation
What is the use of a specific occupation to bring about a change in the client's performance? Occupation as a means
What is the desired outcome or product of intervention? Occupation as an end
What is the performance of occupation-relted activities by the client, including activities of daily living, instrumental activities of daily living, work and school tasks, and play or leisure tasks? Occupation-based activity
What is the ability to carry out activities in the areas of occupation? Occupational performance
What is a goal-directed activity that promotes independence in function; the practice of using meaningful occupations and purposeful activities to promote function and participation in life activites? Occupational Therapy
This it the view that a person's behaviors influence the physical and social environment and that, in turn, the person is affected by changes in the environment? Organismic
What is the research process that includes the clinician, client, and faculty member? Participatory research
Who is the person served in a hospital or rehab setting? Patient
That which is determined by the experience of individuals.... Phenomenological
Who was the French physician who advocated humane teatment for mentally ill patients in the late 1700s? Phillippe Pinel
What is a set of values, beliefs, truths, and principles that guide the practitioner's action? Professional philosophy
What is an activity used in treatment that is goal directed; individual is an active voluntary participant; has both inherent and therapeutic goals? Purposeful activity
What is a measurement of what is meaningful and what provides satisfaction to an individual? Quality of Life
What is the listing of qualified individuals by a professional association or government agency? Registration
This act guaranteed certain rights for people with disabilities, emphasized the need for rehabilitation research, and called for priority service for persons with the most severe disabilities? Rehabilitation Act of 1973
What is a pattern of behavior that involves certain rights andd duties that an individuals is expected, trained, and encouraged to perform in a particular social situation? Role
What is the act that established a program of vocational rehabilitation for soldiers disabled on active duty? Soldier's Rehabilitation Act
This person demonstrated that occupation could be morally uplifting and could improve the mental and physical state of patients and inmates in public hospitals and almshouses... Susan Cox Johnson
This person, a nurse, was involved in the Arts and Crafts Movement and in the training of nurses in the use of occupations... Susan Tracy
What act addressed the availability of assistive technology devices and services to individuals with disabilities? Technology Related Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities Act of 1988
What is the treatment of an illness or disability? Therapy
Who is the architect who was influential in establishing a presence for occupational therapy in vocational rehabilitation and tuberculosis treatment? Thomas Kidner
This person is considered the father of OT; intorduced a regimen of crafts for his patients... William Rush Dunton, Jr.
This person was an english Quaker who opened the Yourk Retreat, which pioneered new methods of treatment of mentally ill patients... William Tuke
This organization was established in 1952 to help OT practitoners access international information, engage in international exchange, and promote organizations of OT in schools in countries where none exists... World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT)
The goal of occupational therpy intervention is to... increase the ability of the client to participate in everyday activities, including feeding, dressing, bathing, leisure, work, education, and social participation.
It is very important for the OT practitioner to establish rapport... (a relationship of mutual trust) with the client.
What are activities the have meaning? Occupation
OT practitioners help clients who have functional disabilities... increasing their abilities to do the everyday things they wish to do.
This type of activity will help get the client ready for the purposeful activity. Things such as range of motion, exercise, strengthening, or stretching. Preparatory activities
What are activites that may include some of the same skills required for the occupation? These activities help stimulate the actual activity and may help get the client ready. Contrived activities
What activities are generally meaningful to the client but may be one task of the occupation? These activities also have an end product and involve allowing the client to have choice. Purposeful
What type of activity is performed in the natural setting? occupation-centered activity
What was grounded in the philosophy that all people even the most challenged are entitled to consideration and human compassion? Moral Treatment
Who are the two men credited with conceiving the Moral Treatment Movement? William Tuke and Phillippe Pinel
Who was a physician in France that introduced work treatment for the insane in the late 1700s? Phillippe Pinel
Who was the english Quaker and wealthy merchant that suggested the establishment of the York Retreat? William Tuke
Who was the first physician to institute Moral Treatment practiced in the United States? Benjamin Rush
Who led the Arts and Crafts Movement? John Ruskin and William Morris
Which leader of the Arts and Crafts Movement was an English author, poet, artist, and art critic? John Ruskin
Which leader of the Arts and Crafts Movement was an English poet, designer, and socialist reformer? William Morris
Why was the Arts and Crafts Movement opposed to the production of items by machine? They believed it alienated people from naure and their own creativity.
Who was the physician who graduated from Harvard medical School, adapted the Arts and Crafts Movement for medical purposes, and work with invalid patient, providing medical supervision of crafts to improve their health and financial independence? Herbert Hall
What is the disorder that was commonly seen in women, caused severe weakness during the performance of work? Tx was usually the "rest cure". Neurasthenia
Who was the dynamic and resourceful architect that studied in London , that after experiencing tb, foot amputation, and paralsis of the left side of his body was determined to improve the plight of convalescent individuals? George Edward Barton
The father of occupational therapy! Dr. William Rush Dunton, Jr.
What is the name of the document Dunton published that described simple activities that the nurse can use or adapt in the tx of patients? Occupational Therpy: A Manual for Nurses
The mother of occupational therapy! Eleanor Clarke Slagle
What is the area of work that Slagle is most noted for? Habit training
Created by: brittb12
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