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A year down yonder

questions for A year down yonder by Richard Peck

Who is Mildred Burdick? kin of the Eubankses, a bully.
Who is Mary Alice Dowdel? the main character
Who is August Fluke Jr.? Augie, a hooligan and the principal’s son
Who is Carleen Lovejoy? One of Mary Alice’s classmate
Who is Joey Dowdel? Mary Alice’s brother.
Who is Mrs. L.J. Weidenbach? Effie Wilcox sister
Who is Royce McNabb? The new student that Mary Alice likes
Who is Ina-Rae Gage? Mary Alice’s new best friend
Who is Effie Wilcox? Mrs. L.J. Weidenbach’s sister
Who is Miss Butler? Mary Alice’s English teacher
Who is Arnold Green? The artist who rented a room from grandma
Who is Mr. Herkimer? The math, science and Ag. teacher.
Who is the author of a year down yonder? Richard Peck
What holiday did the turkey shoot happen on? Armistice Day
What part did Mary Alice perform in the Christmas play? Mary
Did Grandma Dowdel attend high school? No, she was expelled before 8th grade
Whose baby was in the crib during the Christmas play? Mildred Burdick’s
Who was the new student at Mary Alice’s school? Royce McNabb
What does DAR stand for? Daughters of the American Revolution
What newspaper does Mary Alice write for? Newsy Notes
Who is the high school principal? Mr. August Fluke
What is Royce McNabb’s fathers job? surveyor
Where is Royce McNabb from? Mattoon
What did the high school students eat lunch out of? lunch buckets
What three things did Mary Alice bring with her? a radio, a suitcase, and a cat
Where did the cat stay? in the cobhouse
What was the grandma good at? cooking
Who knew grandma was trigger-happy? the whole town
What color fur did the cat have? white
What was the name of Mary Alice’s cat? Bootsie
What was in the basement of the school? a gym with basketball hoops
What was on the front wall of the school? a poem
What did Mildred Burdick call Mary Alice? Rich Chicago girl
Where did Mary Alice’s grandmother keep her shotgun? behind the wood box
Where did Grandma Dowdel get the pumpkins? from the Pensingers’
What initials were on the knife Grandma Dowdel found on the walk? AFJR
What was the name of the train Mary Alice rode from Chicago? The Blue bird
Where would the artist get his food? at the Coffee Pot
How did Mildred Burdick get to school? On her horse.
Where did Grandma and Mary Alice wait for the privy tippers? In the cobhouse.
Where did the turkey shoot take place? The Abernathy farm
A stew made with whatever you have on hand is called? Burgoo
What kind of pies did Mrs. Dowdel make for Halloween refreshments? pecan and pumpkin
What did Grandma Dowdel drive into Old Man Nyquist’s trees to make the pecans fall? a tractor
Who did Mary Alice sit next to in Miss Butler’s class on the first day? Mildred Burdick
How much did Mary Alice’s parents pay for the “light housekeeping” room? $7 dollars a week
Created by: alderby2013